High school is a time when students consider the possibilities for their future. They have to decide on what college to attend after graduation and should consider different career possibilities. One career field with excellent job security that continues to grow exponentially is healthcare. You don’t have to become a doctor to benefit from this job market growth either. There are plenty of other great careers to pursue as well.

Forensic Science

Not every field that includes the study of medicine and the human body involves hospitals and doctor’s clinics. One big field that requires extensive medical knowledge is forensic science. Forensic scientists are often used to solve murders and violent crimes through the examination of evidence originating from the human body such as blood and human remains. If you enjoy shows like CSI and wish to help investigate and solve crimes, becoming a forensic scientist is an excellent career choice.

Healthcare Administration

Hospitals and doctor’s offices also require much more than medical service to run smoothly. An efficiently ran healthcare facility requires a lot of planning and coordination. In involves scheduling and human resources. Without healthcare administration, there would be a lot of chaos in hospitals and health clinics. Patient care would suffer as a result. With this in mind, obtaining a master’s degree in healthcare administration is a good choice for those that want to work in the world of healthcare without providing care directly. You can even do so online without stepping into a physical classroom.

Social Work

Another good choice for a healthcare related field is social work. A bachelor’s degree in social work can allow you to obtain a position as a social worker. Social workers may find jobs with healthcare organizations, government agencies, schools, and even private businesses. They often work with families and children to improve their daily lives. This career field intersects with healthcare and other related fields such as psychology.

Registered Nursing

Another excellent choice you may want to pursue is becoming a registered nurse. Registered nurses can work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, nursing homes, and even the United States military. Tasks such a nurse might complete include: administering medication, analyzing diagnostic tests, recording patient symptoms, and running medical equipment. Obtaining this position requires graduating from an accredited nursing program.

The healthcare industry is one of the largest employers in the United States. If you want to find a stable career for the long term, investigating different degrees you can obtain in a healthcare related field is an excellent choice. Discuss your options with an academic advisor.