Receiving a driver’s license is a rite of passage for teenagers. For their parents, however, it can give them some trepidation. Roads are full of dangers that novice drivers might not be prepared for. In order to ensure success for your teen on the road, they need to have a mindset for proper driving. Here are four ideas to help your teen become a more defensive and confident driver.

Drive with Them Constantly

There’s no better way for your teenager to get comfortable with driving than to be driving as much as possible. When your teen first starts driving, they’re going to have some difficulties. However, the more you practice with them, the better they’ll become. After a few weeks of consistent practice, you’ll both marvel at how far they came. The key to driving isn’t just the car key; it’s practice.

Drive in Different Environments

Part of driving comes from handling different situations. Your teen needs to get used to driving in as many scenarios as possible. For instance, if it’s raining, you should have your teen take you out so they know what to do in that scenario. Even when the weather is ideal, you should ask them what they would do if it was raining or if there was ice on the road. Your teen can never be too prepared.

Teach Them to Be Vigilant

Accidents on the road often happen due to a lapse in judgment or attention paid by motorists. It’s crucial that you teach your teen that looking away from the road for just a second or violating even one rule, like failing to yield. You can never be too careful on the road. A confident driver is one that is attentive because they know how to handle themselves on the road. Your teen should be prepared to react to any emergency.

Set Guidelines

Your teen needs to understand that driving is a privilege, not a right. Even after they have their license, they’ll have restrictions that they’ll need to follow. In addition to the legal restrictions, you should also set boundaries. Make a rule about when they can drive and under what circumstances. For instance, you might require them not drive by themselves on the interstate initially. Make sure they are fully aware of the consequences of not following your rules.

Driving is a tremendous thrill for a teen, but it also comes with plenty of danger. As a parent, you want to make sure your teen is able to handle the road. By giving them proper instruction, you can make sure that’s possible.