When you’re packing for a vacation, there’s always that thought of not quite knowing what to pack. And it very much depends on where you’re going, what time of year and the weather forecast. But, there are some elements of your suitcase that can be split between hot and cold vacations – items that are a must for one of them, regardless of where your destination is.

Here are our essential suitcase items for going on a sunny getaway


The first thing and this goes for any vacation, is to pack a range of versatile clothing. Items that can easily be mixed and matched to create different outfits, things that can be dressed up or dressed down, and shoes that go with almost everything. It will save you money, both when you’re shopping, and when you’re paying for your luggage. You’ll find that the right accessories can change an outfit completely, and take up less room than an entirely new outfit.

Light Colors

Normally it’s a habit to avoid white – because it will never look as white after the first wash, and any spills will show up for life. But in a hot country, dark colors are your enemy. If you can rock the little black dress then good for you! But, since sunlight is attracted to darker colors, an easy way to stay cooler is to opt for light colors.

Light Fabrics

For the same reasons as avoiding dark colors, avoid heavy fabrics. Pack a jumper or wrap for those chilly evenings, but keep everything else light. Jeans, knitwear, fleece, anything with weight to it – avoid.

Loose fits

Not in a way that looks like you’re wearing a sack, but looser cuts allow the air to circulate your body easier, cooling you down, and helps to keep your breathing regular in the event of heat stroke. Check out one of the largest selection of sundresses and select looser cuts. Go for maxi skirts and dresses, blouses and floaty dresses, over bodycon, form-fitting and tailored.

Skin Care

Suncream is an absolute must. No matter where you are in the world, something with SPF should be used in your daily skin care routine anyway, but if you’re going to a hotter country or state, upping that SPF, and applying it frequently is a must for your health. Also, take an after-sun lotion for the times where you do get a little burnt. It’ll help with the pain, and nourishes the skin, giving it a boost in healing. If you use coconut oil, not moisturizer, in your skin care routine, you might want to swap it out for the duration of your vacation, as the oil will literally cook on your skin.


Everyone likes a bit of makeup, even if it’s just for a night out – and going on holiday is no exception. But be prepared for your foundation becoming too light for you lovely tanned skin. Try and go without foundation from day one, so that you get a nice, even tan all over. And so that you avoid the horrible streaky look as your makeup melts, and gets sweated off. Sunshine is great for clearing up the skin, so take the proper precautions and enjoy the healing benefits.


We all see those huge floppy hats appear around spring and summer break when the majority of people are going on vacation – but they are so necessary. A good hat will keep the sun out of your eyes and protect the more delicate areas like your cheeks, ears and scalp.


And not just the cheap ones from a bargain store. Check out a range of sunglasses that uses UV prevention technology in the making of their glasses. They might cost a little more, but the investment is worth it.