How To Make Losing Weight A Way Of Life

It’s not easy to lose weight when you label it a diet and restrict yourself all the time. This is typically when you’ll start to yo-yo with your weight and not be able to drop the pounds. Instead of focusing on the term diet, be open to making it a way of life.

Feeling good about yourself isn’t about limiting what you put in your body. It’s about learning to love yourself for you who are and then making changes that help you reach your goals. Get your family onboard to support you or participate with you in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. See how to make losing weight a way of life.

Cook Healthy

Even if you’re not the best cook, you can easily learn a few recipes that will help you stay in shape. Use the crockpot or find easy, healthy recipes that you’re able to follow and recreate. Go grocery shopping and fill your refrigerator with fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. The idea is to cook at home, so you know exactly what you’re eating and can monitor the amount of calories you’re consuming at each meal. Bring your lunch to work, cook at home and eat out less at restaurants. You’ll not only start to lose weight, but you’ll also save money.

Practice Portion Control

If you’re trying to lose weight, another focus of yours should be portion control. This isn’t about being on a diet, view portion control as a habit you should always be practicing. Anyone can benefit from doing this, not just people who are trying to shed pounds. Pay attention to how much food you’re taking at one sitting and what’s on your plate. Write it down or journal your eating habits if it helps you see the bigger picture better. Take a little less food each time until you’re at a place where you know exactly how much food satisfies you. There are also measuring systems out there if it’s easier for you to start cutting back that way.  

Manage Stress

Stress has a sneaky way of causing you to eat more and cave to cravings. That’s why it’s important to manage your stress and not let it control you. Use tools and tactics to help you overcome stressful situations and keep a level head. For example, one of the best Epsom salt uses includes reducing stress. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath occasionally can help you reduce stress. Stress reduction has many mental and physical health benefits. It can increase your energy level, lift your mood and help keep your immune system healthy. A healthy diet and meditation also helps you keep your stress under control.

Schedule Daily Exercise

Schedule exercise into your daily routine and you don’t even have to think about it. Go do it and enjoy the way it makes you feel after. Your mood will be lifted, your clothes will start fitting better, and you’ll have a more positive outlook on life. There’s no denying that a good sweat session has the ability to lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself. Head to the gym, out for a run or participate in a new exercise class. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re moving and burning calories. If you’re finding it difficult to motivate yourself, ask a friend or family member to join you, or at least hold you accountable for getting in your daily exercise.

Use the Scale for Reference Only

Stop obsessing over the scale and start practicing the habits that are going to help you lose the weight. Use the scale to reference where you are in your weight loss journey, but don’t let each pound up and down consume your thoughts. Set a goal weight and then get to it by putting your positive lifestyle changes into action. Losing unwanted pounds takes time, and you can’t let every single setback get you down. Go by how you feel, how your clothes fit and the amount of increased energy you have each day. Eventually, you’ll witness the scale start to move in the right direction, and you’ll be glad you didn’t give up.  

Be Mindful of your Choices

Life is all about choices, both the good and the bad. Live in the moment and be aware of what choices you’re making in your daily life. Doing so will help you step back and realize when you’re self-sabotaging from finding the path to a healthier and happier you. Stop and think before you act. Understand that each choice you make related to your weight loss journey has consequences. You can’t skip your workouts, eat unhealthy and expect to see results. Choose to be on your own side and make it easier on yourself to get to where you’re going.

Eat your Favorite Foods in Moderation

Making losing weight a way of life doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your favorite foods. Allow yourself a cheat meal or dessert once in a while and savor the moment. Instead of scarfing down whatever it is you’re eating, take your time and experience the food. As you cut down on junk food and carbohydrates, you’ll begin to crave them less and won’t even miss eating them. Eat your favorite foods in moderation, so you’re not tempted to consume them all in one sitting.

Accept that you’ll Make Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect, and this is especially true for someone trying to lose weight. You’re going to have slipups and instances you regret, but don’t let it stop you from reaching your goals. Have a bad day or moment and then move on and pick yourself back up. This is how you stick with it and turn weight loss into a way of life and not simply a fad or circumstance.


There’s no magic formula for shedding the pounds. Everyone’s different and takes to certain strategies better than others. With that said, the label diet has the potential to hold you back from reaching your goals. This is how to make losing weight a way of life.