Every generation faces the need to raise children to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Although this challenge is much the same in our modern world, the reality is that change today happens far faster than in generations past.

A few decades ago the world did not have all the thriving technology that abounds today; however, children today are practically digital natives with a future that is perceived as uncertain to the parents who raise them.

Yet, despite the rapid pace of change around us, parents can still raise their children to be successful. The following are four keys to raising children to adapt and excel in these changing times.

The Need for Maturity

As technology gets more pervasive in modern society, children tend to fall behind in taking on the responsibility that built a foundation for mature adults in generations past. The idea of living in an ever-changing digital world has detached parents and children from much of this learning process, and children are not being properly prepped for the rigors of higher education or the job force.

As a result, some children do not take their studies or their work as seriously even as they advance in age. As a parent, this can be dealt with by teaching children to embrace values that are not so much part of the digital age, but are values that, nevertheless, served former generations well to establish a level of maturity that leads to responsibility and a solid work ethic that employers are looking for in prospective applicants.

Your Children Should Take STEM Courses

Since technology is at the heart of modern innovation, there is a push for parents to encourage their children to take STEM subjects early on: even before they enter college. Courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics will prepare your children to face the challenges of tomorrow with the competence needed to keep up with change. Without such a foundation, your kids could find themselves being left behind while everyone around them is advancing.

The Business Edge

When it comes to your child attending college, they will need a career in a field that helps them to adapt to the ongoing changes in workplace technology. Working in an administrative capacity may require more than a traditional MBA that seeks to satisfy the needs of managing simple business operations.

Today’s children will benefit by extending their knowledge and skills with an MBA that is also centered around information technology to make them a good fit with the company of the future; this is why an online MBA in information technology that is geared to address these critical aspects of technological change going on in the workplace can position the next generation to adapt with this ever-changing landscape.

Social Media and the Public Eye

Social media has evolved beyond simply being a platform for conversations among friends and family. Today, parents must teach their children to be very careful about what they post to their social media accounts, as missteps can hurt relationships, personal safety, and even future career opportunities.

Many politicians and public administrators are learning this lesson the hard way as scandals can develop overnight, while others are positioning themselves to take advantage of this new tech by taking their causes to major social media hubs like Twitter and Facebook, as noted by Rutgers University.

In many ways, this shift in engagement has made public officials and administrators more transparent to the people they serve. It suggests that your child should learn how to leverage these and other social media avenues if they want to advocate for social causes, or perhaps even more importantly, they must understand how mistakes on social media can significantly damage aspects of their personal lives.

Change is an inevitable force that sweeps through every generation. This is why it is hard for parents and their children to relate over the same ideas. Yet, as a parent, it is critical to raise children with the understanding that the effort they put forth now will help them to be prepared for what is coming in their future.