Ahhh, the college experience. No two people ever have the same story. Some people look at it as a way to improve their next step in life by locking themselves away in their dorm rooms, head in books as they prep for the next set of exams while others live for the moment and go from drunk to hungover and then drunk again, wanting to make the college hype as worth it as possible.

Neither of these particularly entices us. They both live too far on the extremes. No. In order to really squeeze the most out of your university experience, you need to find the fulcrum that lies somewhere in the middle. You need to find a balance between work and play, and that is exactly what this blog post is about.

Snap Up Those Tutoring Opportunities

It is one of the most underrated and underused resources, but using the tutoring opportunities your campus has to offer is a surefire way to improve your grades. The end. It could be you missed a class and want to ask that great teacher what went down, or want someone to proofread your paper or simply make sense of something too complex. Use the tutors.

Study Somewhere Entirely New

This is your chance to improve your lot in life, growing as a person and seeing another small part of the world, which is why we recommend you apply for universities in that far-flung corner of the country you always wanted to see. It could be a medical university in the Caribbean. Maybe the world of fashion and New York have always piqued your interest. Perhaps being in southern California is all you want. Use this time to explore the world.

Talk To Everyone. Everyone.

College can be a pretty overwhelming place, somewhere that has the ability to turn even the bravest people into introverts. This is something you need to actively resist. On the buses, in the corridors, sat next to you in class and in those clubs you want to join are lifelong friends you haven’t made yet. You just have to talk to them.

Open That Mind Of Yours More

For the next three to four years your eyes are going to be widened. You are going to be exposed to a load of new things – people, politics, music, ideas, cultures and hobbies. It is up to you to keep an open mind as much as possible and embrace everything that is new. You may learn that art is your thing, or acapella is fun or debating politics is invigorating. You won’t like everything, but you’ll learn a lot from trying.

Seek Out Your Perfect Study Space

It could be your dorm, or your friend’s apartment, a dark corner of the upstairs library or a specific classroom that your teacher lets you use. Not all study space are born equal and what works for someone else may not work for you.

The important thing is to find a space that suits your needs and preferences. It could mean quieter, it could be it gets your creativity going, it could be somewhere you and your study mates get together. Either way, having a study spot will help you get the most out of your education. Period.