If you are used to traveling for a week or two each year with your whole family, you might consider looking further afield this year. The Americas are now one of the safer destinations in the world and East Asia is also becoming a popular destination. Here are five exotic vacation spots for the whole family.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has one of the most incredible cultures in the world. There is no army or military really because they don’t plan to fight any wars. Instead, they focus on business and nature travel. With two coasts that have beaches and plenty of mountains and jungle in between, Costa Rica is a place you will want to come back to. You can look here for more information about Costa Rica

Hawaii, Big Island

Okay, so it isn’t Oahu or Maui. You won’t have crowds of tourists following you- and being ahead of you where ever you travel. Just a country, small city type of existence with plenty of beaches and natural scenery. The snorkeling near Kona is superb, while just South of Kona, the coffee plantations might be the best in the world. There are also over 20 of the world’s 28 climate zones on the island, making it a great place to go and be who you want in the environment you want.

Manzanillo, Mexico

Although it is a port city, Manzanillo doesn’t forget its early existence as a place for people to come and enjoy its coastline. The resort Las Hadas has every building painted white and is fairly famous for being the site of major motion pictures because it has all the amenities that parents and children want. There is an iguana that lives on the island in the pool and boats available for hire from the private beach.

San Rafael, Argentina

If there is one place in the Americas that you can go and let your children wander around without worrying about their safety, it is San Rafael. Located in the center of wine country, it is one hour from the best skiing in South America. It is also one hour from a rival to the Grand Canyon that many people have yet to see. Staying here and taking in the local restaurants and then heading south to the Pampas and Bariloche will be one of the most memorable trips your family has ever taken.


Singapore may have a lot of rules. For visitors, however, the rules actually make it a very safe city. There is a world class zoo, hawker centers, and some of the most exotic landscape, food, and fauna that you could see anywhere.

If you plan to take a trip with your family this year, look at the Americas or East Asi. Both are safe and contain some features and history that will help all of your family enjoy spending time there.