You might think that the population boom puts more pressure on the jobs market. After all, you’re up against more and more candidates for every job. People are finding it is necessary to work into their seventies, eighties, and nineties to put food on the table. And both parents need to work to support their families. More and more people of working age are looking for work so you might think you’ve got your work cut out for you to outshine them.

With any population boom, there is a greater need for services that support our longer lives. That means that there is a greater demand for certain jobs. Does that future-proof certain career choices? Well, perhaps nothing is future-proof! But there are some jobs that are worth pursuing if you want to be sure of being in demand for the foreseeable future at least.

Health Care

An aging population has far more health requirements than younger people do. That means there will continue to be a great demand for people working in this sector. If you’ve always fancied getting into a caring role, then chances are you can find employment after training. The best thing about this sector is that there are hundreds of different roles to suit all education levels.

As well as a requirement for more nursing and care home employees, hospitals need more staff too. There are thousands of private medical centers that may offer gainful employment too. Best of all, there are really good career opportunities. You can start at the bottom, continue your training, and work your way up to a more senior role.

More and more pregnancies are successful these days too. In fact, babies are born and survive in the most challenging of circumstances. This is thanks to the training and skill of nurses and medical practitioners. You could be one of them! Imagine how rewarding this type of career could be. Your perfect job might be out there.

Of course, there are many non-urgent health care and health industry roles out there. Because we are living longer, we need to focus more on our health and fitness to enjoy our later years. This means that more of us than ever are seeking professional help to take care of our bodies.

You might look to the fitness industry for a job. There will always be a high demand for personal fitness instructors. And if you have a new idea for a workout program, you might even enjoy some fame and fortune! For some, fitness is about improving their appearance so that they can enjoy self-confidence. When it comes to looking good, there are many jobs available, and the industry is set for a boom!

There are more jobs for estheticians and cosmetologists than ever before. Looking good is important for people that want to feel confident in themselves. You might find clients that need to improve their appearance for their work. Others have suffered medical problems or troubles with their skin and need help to improve the quality of their skin. Skin care is so important for health as well as confidence. Taking on a career in this sector can be very rewarding too.


With a rising population comes a thirst for knowledge! You might be keen to educate the next generation of bright young children. Or maybe you want to help make a difference in the lives of adults? There are so many different training and education programs available already. But perhaps your future lies in the next trending topic or even a different style of learning?

More and more people are taking short online courses about topics that interest them. Anyone can get started with teaching in this way. Simply compile the resources that will support the training program and list the key points of learning. It might take a few weeks or even months to create your own educational program. But once it is complete, you can upload it and earn from it for years to come.

Teaching in schools and colleges usually requires a more formal approach. You would need to graduate and take specialist teacher training too. Experience goes a very long way in this work. Once you’ve taught a year or two, it’s easier to get into each session. All of your teaching resources have been tried, tested, and refined. If you can make it through the first couple of school years, you’ll be on the way to settling into this challenging yet rewarding role.

Got A Trade?

As the population continues to grow, so will the demand for housing. Even during recessions, builders, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians are needed to maintain houses and apartments. If you’re quite hands-on with tasks, chances are you’ll get on fine with any training that is required for your chosen trade. Fewer and fewer kids make things thanks to our digital age. That means there might even be less competition for this kind of job in the future.

Many tradespeople have to work for themselves. This means that there is little security or stability in the work, regardless of how in-demand you might be. What puts many people off this work is the admin and managing the accounts. Unfortunately, your income depends on being able to produce high-quality quotes. You must market yourself effectively to potential clients. To get ahead, why not undertake some extra training in this area? You might also choose to hire someone to take care of these tasks for you.

It’s not always easy to find a job that fits. And sometimes, it’s difficult to make your resume stand out from all the others. Moving your career into a sector that will continue to grow might be the answer. You can train, qualify, or gain experience while you’re working your regular job. And many of these roles allow you to work around your home commitments too. What type of work would you like to do in the future?