The idea of aging used to bother me. Now? I consider it a blessing! Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Health, however, can make all the difference. True beauty lies in the health of the person – everything after that is the typified beauty that media has taught people to prefer. To age gracefully, you need to focus on simple, effective daily habits that will help you down the line. Starting when you are young is a great way to keep your looks and feel like you when you are older.


Start with Your Diet


What you eat determines so much about your health. When you are focusing on living better so that you can have a better life as you age, you need to focus on eating healthy. Each vitamin benefits the body in a different way, and the best way to absorb those vitamins is through the nutrients you can find in food. You don’t need to cut out everything sugary and bad for you, but instead try to add in more nutrient-rich foods. A well-balanced diet will improve your health today and in the future.


Certain foods are also triggers for acne and other blemishes. By determining which foods cause your skin to worsen you will be able to cut it out of your diet completely and benefit from healthy, beautiful skin.



Drink Enough Water


Drink enough water throughout the day so that your skin can stay naturally hydrated and you can feel more awake an energized. Water also cleanses your body of toxins. Drink water over other liquids if you want to benefit fully. Juices may have more nutrients, but there is often a lot of added sugar. Keep water as your main source of hydration and save the rest for special treats. Not only will your health improve, you will save money!  





Exercising is important for many reasons. It improves your body’s functions, it produces endorphins, and it helps you manage your weight. Make exercising a daily habit so that you can move without inhibition as you get older. Stay strong and nimble, and keep at it so that you can continue to do the things you love when you retire.



Daily Skin Treatments


Washing your face with a gentle wash cream twice a day is key to having clear skin. You need to wash your skin before you go to bed to cleanse it of all the dirt, grime, and even makeup that you have accumulated throughout the day. At night, it is also advised to use a topical skin treatment. If you have acne, this is the time to help your skin heal. Depending on the severity you can use drugstore brands or you can get a prescription. In the morning, be sure to wash your face as these treatments typically do not react well with sunlight.

Note: Some cases of acne will not dissipate no matter how great your daily routine is. This is because your acne is being caused by a hormone imbalance. If this is the case, you’ll need to see a doctor for advice.



A Daily Dental Routine


Brushing your teeth twice a day is not just how you will get a sparkling white smile, it’s how you’ll stay healthy. Gum disease and other dental diseases can seriously impact your health. You don’t want your teeth to rot, and you certainly don’t want to lose them before its time. Brushing and flossing twice daily is how you’ll keep your radiant smile and stay healthy.





Moisturizing isn’t just a great way to make your skin soft – it’s also how you’ll prevent wrinkles. Keeping your skin well-hydrated will promote elasticity. Having a dedicated and daily moisturizing routine from when you are young is how you will stay younger-looking longer. This means more than simply moisturizing your face and neck. A good place to start moisturizing daily is to instead do a full-body treatment after every shower, as showers can strip a lot of essential oils out of your skin.



The Sun Isn’t Your Friend


The sun causes severe damage to your skin. Staying in the shade, and staying protected is how you will keep your skin younger-looking and healthier for longer. You don’t need to wear a hat and shades whenever you go outside and avoid the sun like the plague, however. Simply wearing and reapplying SPF 30 sunscreen throughout the day is a good way to protect your skin. The sun is responsible for 90% of cases of premature skin aging. Cover up and save yourself from wrinkles and even skin cancer.



Don’t Avoid Cosmetic Fixes


Aging gracefully doesn’t mean aging naturally. If there is something that you want to change, change it. Some issues cannot be fixed with good habits – some require professional treatments. For instance, many skin blemishes can only be corrected with treatments that can only be conducted by a certified medspa. Whether you want laser hair removal treatments or you want to smooth out wrinkles, the point is to love the way you look as you age.



It’s All About Attitude


Aging gracefully means loving your body no matter the number of years you’ve seen. It means loving your life and loving yourself. Having a great, positive attitude makes up for so much of how you’ll age. Be the great person you are. Love yourself today, tomorrow, and every day in the future. It isn’t about how you looked like when you were young – it’s about loving how you look now. Don’t compare yourself with the past – work to make the you at any stage someone beautiful to you.


Aging gracefully isn’t about looking like you are half your age. It is about loving the way you look at whatever age you are. It is about investing in good daily habits so that your body can look great and function well even as you reach the end of your life. If you need medical care and procedures to help you love the way you look, then get them. It isn’t about aging naturally, it’s about loving yourself.