Living a great life means being a happier, healthier you. Being healthier means having the energy and ability to take on the day; today, tomorrow, and every day after. Focusing on your health means feeling better, more energized, and more productive.

Being healthier means being better able to do the things you love with the ones you love. Being happier means living life to its fullest. Follow these ten easy steps to become a happier, healthier you:

Drink More Water Every Day



The first step on being a happier, healthier you is to drink more water. Water has so many benefits – it clears our skin, helps us lose weight, and flushes toxins out of our system. We need water in our life. Drinking enough water throughout the day is something that can get rid of our headaches and make us feel more awake and energized. When you first wake up, for instance, drink a glass of water before you reach for the coffee.


Cut Out Bad Foods and Vices


What you put into your body determines your health, mood, and ability to be productive. Alcohol can lower your resistance and can seriously hurt your liver and pancreas, and can also cause heart problems and cancer in the long term. Smoking causes premature skin aging and is a common cause for lung cancer. Recreational drugs also impact your overall health, and can lead to overdose and other complications. The same goes for bad foods that are high in fat, sugar or salt. Cut out or reduce these bad foods and vices to be healthier and happier.


Improve Your Diet


Your body needs sustenance to thrive. Try to have more healthy, balanced meals. Eating right can give you more energy, improve your physique, and it will make you feel better overall. A good diet means that your body is getting all the nutrients that it needs.


Exercise More


Exercising is how we will stay fit for longer. It improves our mood, it helps us sleep better, and it makes us look and feel great about ourselves. Everyone should adopt a regular exercise routine for their health today and their health tomorrow.


Sleep More


Sleep is how our bodies heal. It’s how we become better prepared to face the day ahead. Not getting enough sleep lowers our memory, it reduces our ability to deal with stress, and our ability to work. Proper sleep gives us enough energy to take on the day. It helps our immune system stay on top of things. It helps improve our mood and helps us relax.

Sleeping more and sleeping better is how you’ll be a happier, healthier you. Start by exercising, but also have a proper bedtime routine. For instance, don’t look at your phone or other electronic devices for a few hours before bed, as the blue light can trick your body into being more awake, instead of shutting down.


Take Your Pain Seriously


Prolonged pain is a sign that something is wrong. Don’t ignore it and hope it will go away when it has already proven that it is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Back and neck pain are the most common kinds of pain that you will experience through your life, and you need to get chiropractor treatment to fix the issue, particularly if it has been caused by a misaligned vertebra or a car accident. Back and neck pain can stop you living the life you want to live, which is why you should see a specialist and take your pain seriously.


Make More Time for Yourself


Alone time is special, and it’s also very important for your overall health. Having alone time means relaxing. It means taking the time to do something you love by yourself. Some hobbies are best done alone, after all, like reading. Being alone means you can take a breath, relax, and be better prepared and willing to face the day, work, and see your friends. Alone time is special time for you to pamper yourself. Spend it well!


Do the Things You Love


Don’t let work get in the way from doing the things you love. What you love doing can be varied, and might have no financial benefit whatsoever – but it makes you happy. Make time to do the things you love for a happier, more balanced life. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at your hobby or interest or not – as long as you enjoy doing it. Budget for it appropriately, find the time to make it a regular event, and enjoy what makes you happy.


Make Time for Those Who Matter


Similarly, make time for the ones you love. The special people in your life are your support system and they are what makes living so wonderful. If you have a busy schedule, make time for your friends and family by having a weekly meetup – even if that meetup is just lunch. Making the time and effort goes a long way. Once you make meeting up with your loved ones a permanent fixture, you’ll be able to schedule work around them, instead of the other way around.


Try New Things


What’s life if you don’t branch out and try new things and meet new people? Go out and explore the world and all its possibilities. Go on trips. Try new foods. Meet new people. Live a wonderful life because of it. There is so much in the world that you haven’t been introduced to. The love of your life could be waiting around the corner, or at least your new favorite restaurant. Trying new things means opening yourself up for discovery.

Living a happy life should be the goal of everyone. There is no better way to live, either. Balancing your work life and social life can be hard, however, which is why you need to first improve your health. Improved health gives you more energy and more ability to be productive and get your work done – and still have the will do have a life once you leave your office.