One huge mistake business owners can make is thinking that their customers are the most important people to their business. While your customers are certainly important, your staff are just as important – if not more important. Why should you care about your staff so much? Read on to find out.


Employee Retention

Retaining your employees is going to be a huge benefit for your business. If you’re constantly on the hunt for new employees, you’re wasting time, money, and other resources. It’s far more effective to retain the employees you already have than to spend time finding and training a new one. However, you want the employees you do keep to be as productive and happy as possible, which is why keeping them happy, even when you’re sure they are loyal to you is a must.


Better Productivity

When your staff feel as if you care about them and that they are valued, they will be far more productive. They may not necessarily work faster and harder, but their work will be a higher quality and they’ll want to do well for you.


Brand Ambassadors

When you have a group of happy employees, they’re going to become brand ambassadors for your business. Unhappy employees could easily tarnish your reputation. Happy employees will recommend your organization to friends and family, and will likely still shop and use your business long after they’ve left a position with you.  


The following infographic can help you to make sure you are attracting, and better yet, retaining the right employees for your business!

credit to Washington State University Online