Even though the number of break ins that occur across the country is slowly on the decline, this doesn’t mean that they are now a rare occurrence. Families still need to be aware of their home’s security. However, even the most secure of homes could be under attack from burglars and thieves. Have you been on the receiving end of a break-in attempt? If so, then you need to follow these next steps.

Call The Police

First things first, you need to call the police. Even if there isn’t much damage to your home or you don’t think anything has been taken, it is still important to report the crime to the police. This event could be linked to other break ins in your neighborhood, and any evidence found on your property could help the police track the criminal.

Let Your Insurance Company Know

You’ll also have to give your home insurance company a call. They will more than likely send someone to your home to inspect the damage. They will then judge whether or not to pay out money to cover the repairs. Hopefully, your home insurance also covers contents. If so, then your insurance should also cover the cost of any items that you need to repair or replace.

Reinforce Entryways

There is a good chance that some of your entryways into your home have been compromised. If this is the case, they need to be reinforced. For instance, you might need a new garage door. When you do replace the garage door, it’s also worth trying to find the garage opener that goes with it. Double check all your windows as well, in case the thief tried to force his or her way in through them.

Deal With Your Emotions

Break ins and burglaries can be very difficult to deal with emotionally. You will need to give yourself plenty of time to work through all the emotions that come. For example, you might now be scared to be in your own home. Thankfully, most of these extreme emotions and feelings should subside after a few days.

If not, then you should seek professional help from a therapist or counselor. It is also important that you don’t take out your anger or upset on any of your family. They will have to deal with the burglary themselves. Take the time to talk to one another about your feelings. Together, you will come out the other side a whole lot stronger!

Clean Up

Once the police and insurance company have documented everything they need to about the break in, you will be alright to begin the big cleanup. If there has been quite a bit of damage to your property, this may take a couple of days. It might also be necessary to hire a local handyman to help you with any repairs that need carrying out.

No one wants to have to deal with a break in. Hopefully, these pointers can help you work through this terrible situation.