Social media is a powerful platform where all kinds of businesses advertise their products and services. Not only does this method of outreach have a high chance of gaining many clicks to generate revenue but it has a great exposure rate. You’ll be reaching out and communicating with existing and new customers from all over the world. It’s the fastest way for any company and business to increase engagement.

If you’re looking to further a brand, a media marketing campaign is the most effective route for many reasons. You’ll be able to access various online communities and create a cultural shift with a clever hashtag to launch a new product to increase a particular product line. However to gain the most exposure is great, but the maximum amount of awareness is a different matter; it requires that you follow a few guidelines to be successful.

It’s all in the detail

Many product awareness campaigns fall at the first hurdle when they try too hard to please everyone. It’s important to be accurate in your aiming, and this means having campaign strategy that has clear goals. You must have a clear picture of who your audience is. Your business might have a lot of customers, but you must narrow it down to the largest sub-group to remain relevant in their eyes.

The objective must be clearly outlined in the briefing room and written down in a logical order. Some social networks might not fit your campaign because user audiences are inherently different, e.g. Tumblr is mainly used by teenagers, while Pinterest is mainly used by adults. The methodology should be a tactical choice, such as either video, blog content, survey or short interactive game, etc.

Creating the hype

Social media has been evolving ever since it came to being on the internet. Before it was used to network, now it’s mainly used to consume news, share concerns about various topics and swap advice. People have short attention spans when they’re online because there’s so much content, that browsing and flicking through huge amounts of content is a daily occurrence. To grab the attention and making it part of a cultural and social activity and part of the online share capability, you should use trademarks for social media.

If you create a hashtag, with a quirky tagline, image or video, you should be able to lay claim to it, so it’s not hijacked by anyone else. Hashtags are incredibly powerful, because they can be made out of nowhere, yet carry an image of your product by themselves. They’ll also be part of the analytics once a number of people have begun to share it. It grabs people’s attention and all they have to do, is click on it to know what it’s about; your brand and product are then instantly displayed via en masse sharing feeds.

Measuring successful campaigns

As your campaign starts to fizzle out, now comes the part where many businesses hold their breath. Measuring a successful campaign comes down to studying the traffic and engagement data. You may find out something new that you weren’t expecting or have your suspicions confirmed.

You should measure the increased flow of traffic to your website, the amount of shares and clicks on your hashtag, the worldwide trending graphs that can be displayed by many social media websites such as Twitter, and the increase in sales of your product. All these figures will show if your brand has had a net positive effect on the company.

Social media is a superb way of reaching out to a new market. However, it has to be done in a certain way. Your brand exposure tactics should be modeled around how users, interact and move around on social media. Design a campaign that allows users to interact with your brand, and share with their friends.

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  1. Building brand recognition may require some trial and error, but having a committed awareness plan is still the number one priority of businesses today.

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