Some people seem to carry life’s troubles with ease. They glide through difficult situations, offer a genuine smile to settle down agitated people, and sail into any room they enter – calm and steady, like a ship. Although we’re all working hard to calm ourselves down, the fact that stress can take years off our lives makes the whole process a bit more – pressing, if you will.

Let’s have a look at these calm and serene others and learn from their everyday habits; maybe we’re lucky enough to find their secret to rolling with the waves of life.

Calm people plan ahead

Some people manage to pull this whole thing off because they hate the feeling of stress and being rushed. Sure, we all hate that feeling, and there is certainly nothing extraordinary with this. The difference between them and us, though, is that they’ve gone ahead and done something about it – that’s more than most of us can proclaim.

They put aside plenty of time and arrive early rather than late; if something should happen to put them behind their schedule, it’s such a rare occasion that it’s nothing to fret about really. When you’re used to arriving early, you’ll find that your mornings and everyday habits are less rushed and more enjoyable.

Where time used to control you, you’ve planned ahead and managed to become its master instead.

Calm people get things done

This mindset can be extended to most aspects of your life; gone is the feeling of stress when a bill is due or when you should have completed a task already, as it’s all been taken care of. To reach the pinnacle of internal comfort, take care of future tasks as well – if you need a will, get it over with, and start to save up for your retirement already now.

Try to get as much off your to-do list in the early morning, and you’ll have the rest of the day to outshine the others with your calm and serene expression.

Calm people love their routine

When you think about someone calm, who is the first that comes to mind? To me, it’s an older relative, like a grandfather, who rises and sets at a particular time every day – as steady and predictable as the moon. The kind of person who would walk their dog at such a precise hour that you’d doubt your watch rather than this person if he were to walk at a different time.

When we’re young, we tend to be more attracted to adventure and the hunt for a calmer self is put off for a while. No matter what age we are, though, crawling around on the floor or supporting our weight on a walking stick, we love routine. It puts our mind at ease and communicates that everything is as it should be – just the way we like it.

Find a quiet happiness in your everyday routines and habits. They’ll settle your crazy thoughts and give you the sense of calmness you’ve been looking for, making you a more patient individual – and clearing space in your mind to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.