060603-N-3714J-020 Jolo, Philippines (June 3, 2006) - Project Hope nurse, Diane Speranza listens to a childÕs heartbeat while taking her vital signs aboard the U.S. Military Sealift Command (MSC) Hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19). Mercy is on a five-month deployment to South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. The medical crew aboard Mercy will provide general and ophthalmology surgery, basic medical evaluation and treatment, preventive medicine treatment, dental screenings and treatment, optometry screenings, eyewear distribution, public health training and veterinary services as requested by the host nations. Like all U.S. Naval forces, Mercy is able to rapidly respond to a range of situations on short notice. Mercy is uniquely capable of supporting medical and humanitarian assistance needs and is configured with special medical equipment and a robust multi-specialized medical team who can provide a range of services ashore as well as aboard the ship. The medical staff is augmented with an assistance crew, many of whom are part of nongovernmental organizations that have significant medical capabilities. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Erika N. Jones (RELEASED)

When you have a child with special needs, finding them the care they deserve can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. All parents want the absolute best for their children. If your child is disabled or mentally ill, you still want them to live a full and free life without hindrance. Yet also, you want to keep them from hurting themselves and feeling too much stress. You’ll want to find a child-care provider or a nurse that can be there for your children when they need extra care. Someone who can adapt to their lifestyle and activities is much needed as this aids in growth. Most of all you need a child care practitioner who can cope with any health related episodes and take care of your child when they are in pain, injured or having a traumatic experience related to stress. There are many different ways to get the health you need as well as the type of health care specialist, but there are a few guiding principles to follow.

Photo Credit – Julius Delos Reyes

Day care

Does your child need day care? The requirements for this would be for your child to suffer from a debilitating illness or disability. The American Disabilities Act stops day-care centers from refusing to admit your child into their services because of their disability. However, this may not be the best route for your child, as some centers don’t have the necessary qualified people to take care of your child; so pick wisely. Some companies that specialize in taking care of disabled children also have tutoring staff which are one in the same. So, consider a private healthcare route with added educational purposes.

Image by – Erika N. Jones

Nursing around the clock

If your child suffers from chronic pain or has a serious health problem, then they only route to take care of them efficiently at home, is to hire a private nurse. More advanced nurses than registered nurses are better qualified and have a comprehensive modern approach to the plethora of modern health issues, have gone through an online RN BSN program. The advantages of a BSN nurse is that they have been taught more than the basic clinical skills, and can spot and treat bouts of pain and panic which children with chronic pain often experience. If your child is bed bound, A private nurse can keep you up-to-date on their vitals, and other signs of progress or deterioration.

Learning difficulties

If your child suffers from special needs and has learning difficulties, a specialized nanny is a great choice. Often children with learning difficulties find it very hard to concentrate in a classroom setting with many distractions. Teachers cannot provide them with enough time to help them learn sufficiently because they have responsibilities to the rest of the class. But a nanny who can become a friend as well as a teacher, it helps the child learn at their own pace, with minimal distractions. Many nannies who specialize in working with special needs children have gone through a specific training program that provides them with calming techniques and the ability to read the mood of your child. The lessons can then, be catered to your child, finding a way to teach them in a specific, fun and targeted manner.