When you first bought your home, you knew it was the one for you. It might not have been completely perfect, but it was obvious that with a few small changes it could be. For a while, you couldn’t get over how much you loved it, then you settled in and got comfortable. But now you’re not so sure about it. Maybe your family has grown, or your home just doesn’t meet your needs anymore. Perhaps your taste has changed. You’re not in love with your home any longer, but you’re not yet sure what to do about it. Should you sell up, or try to fall in love again first? Consider these options before you make a decision.

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Redecorate or Rearrange Top to Bottom

If you’re feeling bored of your home, maybe you don’t need to move out just yet. Changing a few things around could make all the difference. When’s the last time you redecorated since you moved in? Giving your home a new look could help to refresh it, so you feel excited about it again. Even just rearranging your furniture might help. If you’re not sure where to start, think about how your home might not be meeting your needs or your tastes. Maybe some new bespoke storage could help you feel more at home again.

Tackle the Main Rooms

If the idea of changing your whole home seems a bit too much, you could have some success by choosing just a couple of rooms to update. Which ones do you spend the most time in? For many people, the kitchen and bathrooms make the most sense to update. But maybe you want to change your bedroom or family room, so it gives you what you need again. Or, if you want to choose just one space to change, perhaps converting your attic, basement or even garage into a brand new space could be a good idea.

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Consider a Home Addition

Outgrowing your home is a common thing to happen. If your family is growing or you’re just collecting more stuff, your home can start to feel like it’s not enough for you. Your first thought might be to move, but consider a home addition before you do. If there’s space behind or to the side of your home, or perhaps the possibility of building upward, adding onto your property can give you more space. Whether you’re looking for another kid’s bedroom or an art studio, you might be able to get it without having to move out and find somewhere else.

It’s Time to Sell

How do you decide if it’s time for you to move on? If you’ve thought long and hard about your other options and can’t see yourself falling in love with your home again, perhaps you only have one realistic choice. It could be time to sell your home. Although it can be a tough process, there are ways to make it easier. If you’re willing to sell, you can look for a new dream home that suits your current wants and needs better. But this time, you might consider looking for something that can grow with you.

You can’t always love your home forever. But if you fall out of love, you do have options.