Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to DIY and home improvement, and it’s no wonder really – they’re usually the smallest room in the home, and it can be difficult to find inspiration on what to do with it to make it look stylish. If, however, you do decide it’s time that your bathroom had a makeover, here are some great tips to help you out that will allow your bathroom to get a fresh new look and an asset to your home.

Refresh your walls

Giving your walls a change of look can instantly transform your bathroom. You might think that you have limited options regarding paint, textures, etc. but actually, you’ll find that there is more you can do to your bathroom walls than you realise. With items like wooden panels, textured vinyl and new styles of tiles to allow you to choose different looks, it’s worth exploring the different types of bathroom wall surfaces to see if anything appeals to you. At the very least, a lick of paint can really transform a bathroom and is an affordable way to make a change.

Bring in a different bathroom suite

Perhaps your bath/shower, sink and toilet are looking a bit tired, or you want to bring in more modern styles to your bathroom – both are great excuses to invest in a new bathroom suite. You may even find that there are some bathroom pieces you don’t need, like your bidet, which you can replace with some furniture and simply buy some bidet attachments for a toilet instead. A bath with a built in shower is a great space saver, and you may find that you’re left with some room to add in some furniture or decorative features.

Turn it into a spa

Your bathroom can be your sanctuary, a nice place to relax and getaway from everyone and everything, if only for a little while. Turning your bathroom into a spa is actually quite simple. By decluttering the junks, adding some rocks, candles and other features, you can actually design a space which does the job and without spending a small fortune. Even little touches like bringing in fresh, white towels can make a difference and will give your bathroom a more luxurious feel.

Add some decoration

Many people fail to add decor items to their bathrooms, and it can be one of the most neglected regarding more homely elements. Give it a small, simple makeover by adding some framed prints to the walls, picking up some decorative ornaments and even some fresh flowers – the little touches will make it a more pleasant room to be in and will bring it to life too.


Transforming your bathroom is a great project that won’t take up too much of your time, but will still produce excellent results. Making your home more fragrant by targeting areas of your home, like the bathroom, will help make it a really great place to live, and will make a good impression on any guests that come to visit too!