We all know we need to exercise and this is nothing new in our lives. However, if we do not enjoy it, then we will never stick with the routine and stay consistent in order to reap the benefits towards our health and mind. One way to beat the odds on gaining extra pounds and losing our health is to have fun with dance.

Dancing allows us to not only have fun, enjoy other people’s company and burn some calories along the way but dance can also decidedly improve our brain health as well.  Recent studies have shown that dancing improves one’s mood and many cognitive functions, it lowers the risk for Alzheimer’s and is therapeutic for Parkinson’s Disease.

Among 11 different physical activities, such as cycling, golf, swimming, and tennis, it was shown that dancing lowered the risk of dementia the most.


Zumba is actually a fitness, aerobic activity that combines Latin and international music with different dance moves. It is an out of the box aerobic routine that is more like dancing in a club. However, even though it might look like a “twerking” activity, recent research has shown that when participating in Zumba you can burn on average 369 calories per class.

Also, it is an exercise for the entire body and good for core strength and flexibility due to the hip and midsection movements. Due to the irregular speed intensities during the workout with intermittent higher and lower aerobic activities, it allows for burning higher amounts of calories when compared to a more consistent activity like jogging.

In comparison to other workouts, Zumba burns more calories than cardio kickboxing, step aerobics, hooping and power yoga

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dance is a stylish and smooth dance for people of all ages. There are basically two different categories of ballroom dance, one being American and the other International.

International is usually considered to be the standard between the two types. American is normally used for social situations but both are used for fun and competitions. There are many types of Ballroom dance but the most popular across the world is the Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, Cha Cha, and Swing.

Ballroom dance has been proven to protect against dementia if done at least 2 times a week and is a dance that is fun and easy on the body in later years.

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing, otherwise known as raks sharki, is one of those exercises that works with the female body. Recent studies, have really given us a good idea on the types of exercises or even dances that have the ability to even harm oneself when the goal is actually to try and benefit the body.

Dance like ballet can hurt your spine, hips, and of course your feet. Other exercises like running or other repeated exercises simply take a huge toll on the body. We have learned now, to take on exercise routines like dance or belly dancing that move smoothly and rhythmically with the body to lessen the impact on joints and bones.

These types of dances and exercises are perfect in your younger as well as your older years. Belly dancing can aid in improving your posture, muscle toning, weight loss, stress reduction, and even increased strength in the arms.

Dance Clothes for Women

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