After you’re well on your way to getting in shape or you’re already at your weight loss goal, you want vacations that support and not sabotage this achievement. The problem with traveling is that without good planning, it’s difficult to stay on track and not go backwards. A great way to put five pounds back on is to go on vacation, so how can we prevent that?

Here are four ways to support your weight loss goals in a healthy way while on business trips or vacations.

Take Travel Tours

When you’re finding it hard to be bothered staying active, signing up for a nature tour or one where you’ll be on your feet much of the time is a way to exercise unnoticed. Burn the calories while you explore the vacation spot. Be careful to choose the healthful food options at the eateries they take you to.

Food Planning in Advance

Bringing healthy snacks that will not spoil like nuts and dried fruits is a good way to refuel without reaching for the candy. Check out the restaurants in the area to find the ones that focus on healthy food choices, as well as vegan or other cuisines that care about your waistline. Restaurant meals often add fatty cuts of meat, butter rich sauces, and other no-nos. Don’t be scared to ask for a sauce on the side and other little adjustments to the meal to make it healthier for you.

What you drink is also important. Stick to water for the most part and fuel up with sports drinks after hiking in mountainous places. Avoid alcohol consumption and stick to sensible choices.

Choose Vacations with Hiking Trails or Other Exercise Options

An active vacation where you can get out into nature, hike up trails or keep moving in various ways is an excellent opportunity to stay healthy without thought. While lazing on the beach sounds like fun, if you’re not walking on the beach or swimming in the ocean, then those extra pounds will appear when you get back home. Think about how active you are in your regular life and try your best to match your activity level while on vacation. The choice for this begins with the choice of vacation spot and what you’ll do while away.

Choose Your Accommodation Based on Nearby Gym Facilities

It is a good idea to pick a place to stay during your vacation that is comfortable and has amenities that support your new lifestyle. The White Buffalo Club in Jackson Hole has a wellness center, a fitness gym, regular yoga classes, and a boutique spa to ease the stresses away after arrival.

Ensuring that your home away from home supports your health-related goal is the first line of defense against going home heavier than you arrived. No one wants to have to up the ante when getting home and finding their pants don’t fit right anymore.

A vacation doesn’t have to be damaging to your waistline. It’s all about making smart choices, some ahead of time and some when there, to support your goals and not sabotage them.