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Owning your first garden is a beautiful and exciting new time in your life. You might have rented properties such as flats and bedsits before now, but moving in with a significant other and gaining a mortgage on a property may mean that you have finally secured an outdoor green space to call your own.

Congratulations! This is an exciting time. The potential to unwind, relax and enjoy nature is literally right in your backyard.

However, it’s important you understand how to employ garden maintenance and upgrade tips that allow you to keep on top of the basic upkeep and security of your outdoor space.


To upkeep your garden, you must stay on top of your weeds. They can spread quickly, and can hurt the actual plant beds you want to see grow. Keep an eye on the weeds, and when you identify them, throw weedkiller solution on them – you can find this at any local gardening store. This isn’t enough to stop them from resurfacing though. You must pull the weeds up from the roots in order to prevent them from growing in the same area.


In order to maintain a garden correctly, you need to have the space to house the tools you implement that garden maintenance with. If not, your children are likely to find ways to injure themselves on your haphazardly placed garden equipment. Don’t give them even the slightest excuse to do so, and instead focus on crafting a tool shed that allows you to securely keep your dangerous apparatus under lock and key.


You need to secure your new garden. In rural areas, it’s likely that your garden is easily accessible from the front of your drive, or even accessible from behind the property. It’s not difficult to picture how this could mean that your home is less protected. Even if you live in the nicest gated community in the world, installing a privacy fence from Beitzell Fence will allow you to keep your home area away from prying eyes.

At the very least, the fence will help keep your dog from disturbing the neighbors.

Seating Area

A seating area will help you entertain, and unwind in the post-dinner party hours with a glass of wine and a stimulating conversation. Make sure you keep it clean, hygienic and protected during bad weather.


Grass needs to be well-maintained so that it doesn’t die and that it stays healthy for longer. Yes, grass needs maintenance too, and it might take more than just mowing the lawn for you to keep your grass healthy. Make sure that you constantly vary the placements of garden amenities such as trampolines and


What are you going to use the garden space for? This will change dependent on the season and the age of your family, but it’s helpful to design the garden around a certain set of categories. An area for children’s toys, a seating area, and a garden path installed to lead around the garden in the best way for you will allow you to keep the garden looking fluid, attractive and neat.

With these considerations in mind, you garden space is sure to serve you well for your entire time at the property!