When you run a business from home, there are times it can be one huge distraction rather than the flexible job you’d planned it to be. There will be times when you need to work to meet your client’s deadlines but find yourself consumed by everyday tasks instead, like throwing the ball for the dog or doing three school runs per day. The working mother has one of the hardest jobs because her job never ends. However, there are a few things you can do to make life easier on you. Here are some tasks you can delegate to others to lighten the burden.

Breakfast Club

Having a breakfast club at school is a genius idea. Not only does it mean you can avoid all the fuss of making the kids breakfast and forcing them to eat it while they’re engrossed in anything else, but it also makes the school run a little easier. If you have young children of different ages, you may find that you have to drop them off at different parts of the school and that’s only after you’ve fought your way into a parking space. If you have a breakfast club, it’s likely you’ll be able to drop the kids off at the same place. That way, you save time, they have their breakfast with their friends and they’re escorted to their classes. Ideal!


Ironing for the whole family can take a lifetime…or so it would seem. The time you spend ironing clothes for each family member, whether you do it in one big batch or an outfit at a time, could be better spent elsewhere. Hiring someone to do your ironing doesn’t cost much, and it’s worth every penny. It’s at least an hour a day that you could put into your business, or sit down with a cuppa tea and have a decent break for once.


Your Taxes

Many mothers that run their own businesses from home also do their own taxes. For some this comes naturally, usually requiring nothing more than a few free tax tools. For others, it can be quite daunting. This often means that they have to spend a few hours doing sums and going through past orders in an attempt to get their taxes right. Not everyone has the aptitude for handling taxes, and it’s much safer to delegate the task to someone who can do it properly, saving you the time and effort. Getting yourself a tax attorney will ensure you won’t run into any problems and you’re protected if you do.

Dog Walking

There’s an old saying, ‘leisurely stroll is a gift’. It certainly is when you’re a working a mother. There may be time for long and leisurely walks on the weekend when everyone is at home, but during the working week it can be difficult to find the time to give your dogs a good walk. Many youngsters start off working as dog walkers or babysitters, so keep your eye out for teenagers wanting a job. When you hire someone responsible and trustworthy for a reasonable rate, it’s another thing you can tick off your to-do list.