Are you thinking of having a change of scenery? Maybe you’re bored of staring at the same lamppost outside of your window? -Well, why not consider it. If you’ve been to the South of France and fell in love with it, why not move there? Sure, there’s a lot to sort out when planning on moving to another country, but once that hard bit is done – it will be so worth it!

If you’re wondering how life would be if you lived there, here’s an idea of what it would be like…


A typical morning in France will start with having a coffee in your local café around the corner. You’ll sit down with the daily newspaper in one hand, coffee in the other, breathing in the fresh air under the morning sun.

Then you’ll stroll to the boulangerie to pick up a croissant (or two) and a baguette for your lunch. And don’t forget the butchers, you’ll want to get a saucisson for later, and any good fresh cuttings that’s been delivered this morning.


Now it’s lunchtime you can cut some of that saucisson up, slice some of your baguette and dig into the cheese that’s been calling your name. Once you’ve eaten, why not hop on your scooter électrique and explore. Drive around the mountains, look at the wildlife and the stunning scenery that comes along with it. Take a break to bask in the sun, and if you’re lucky, you may just see an eagle fly by, scouting the ground for living food.

When you get back from your drive, stop at the local brasserie for a cold pint of beer, or maybe you prefer a nice glass of wine. – It’s a lovely way to finish off the afternoon.


Before you do anything, you have to make sure you don’t miss out on the sunset. In the summer it’s beautiful; the air is warm, everyone’s social and the atmosphere is a damn good one to be in.

Once the sun has gone down, meet your friends for a drink and decide which bistro you want to eat at tonight.

Treat yourself to the many delicacies France has to offer, (it’s not all snails and frogs legs!) The South of France are known for their great selection of meats, as they’re so fresh and come from the farm literally just down the road. As well as their famous dishes like Blanquette de veau, and Cassoulet, you will have so much to choose from, you may just have to try everything on the menu… Purely for educational purposes of course…

So, does this sound like a life you would want to live?

The South of France isn’t anything like Paris, it’s a whole other world outside of a big city, away from stress and the idea that everyone needs to rush everywhere. The South is calm, with the most incredible scenery at your front door, and the politest people.

As the French would say – C’est tranquille.