So, you’ve managed to set yourself a healthy meal plan and a practical fitness routine, and you’ve developed the self-discipline to stick to all the targets you’ve set yourself. So, what comes next? Countless people follow a certain fitness regimen, and then wind up feeling like it’s hit a wall, and that they could be doing so much more for their bodies. If this sounds familiar, here are some ways to take your fitness regimen to the next level…

Exercise for as Long as You Can Keep your Heart Rate Low

The more you exercise, the more you’ll be able to up your pace and how long you can work out for, all the while keeping a low heart rate that can help you burn more calories. However, the ups and downs of your heart rate are a natural guideline to how much you should be exercising, as it will let you know when you’re tired. If your heart rate breaks 180 (read more at in a particularly long session, it’s time to take a break. Push yourself too hard, and you’ll only find it harder to get stuck into your next session. The most efficient fitness regimens are the ones that are based on the individual’s body, hence the demand for personal trainers.

Get a New Piece of Equipment

While it’s certainly possible to hit some fitness goals without ever touching a piece of gym equipment, the right pieces of kit can certainly help. If you’ve got enough of a budget, you’re trying to develop a certain muscle group, or you just want a change to the same old routine, then consider getting some home fitness equipment to take your regimen to the next level.

From bike trainers to rowing machines to the good old treadmill, there are all kinds of options for home gym equipment you might want to consider investing in. Websites like will help you scour the market, and find the best piece of kit for your needs. Just make sure you’re considering what you want to get out of it, and read or watch all you can to make sure you’re using your new equipment safely. You don’t want to spend a small fortune just to get a nasty injury!

Of course, investing in the right equipment will help avoid that. For example, checking the good feet store pricing will help you see a quote for personalized footwear – this can be ideal if you have custom arch needs or you feel like your stride is being hampered by your current footwear. Safety isn’t just about avoiding mistakes, but making sure your proper exercise form can be properly supported and guaranteed. With the best equipment, that’s a realistic aim.

Go Outside!

The great outdoors not only helps your brain function, but can also work wonders for taking your fitness regimen to the next level. Gyms may offer a way of getting a lot of exercise in a confined, indoor space, but what our bodies really want is fresh air, sunlight, and everything else that mother nature throws at us when we’re exercising outdoors.

Aside from being more natural, taking your workout outside offers a range of new challenges to tackle. The changes in the weather and rough terrain can throw a level of uncertainty into the whole routine, and force you to adapt to these challenges at short notice, making you a much more versatile athlete overall. Figure out some ways to take your fitness outdoors, and you’ll be amazed by the difference it makes!