Most home owners and renters lock themselves out of their homes at least once during their lifetimes. It can be an embarrassing incident that you laugh about later with loved ones. It can also be a life lesson because of a tragic incident that involves any number of dangerous scenarios like a hot stove burner, a running bath faucet or an unattended child. The following tips can help you better manage a lockout and re-enter your home as quickly as possible.

Use a Backup Key

If you rent, your landlord should have an extra key available for emergencies. Renters and home owners both should also consider asking a trusted neighbor, family member or friend to hold onto a backup key. Another option: Invest in a camouflage-style key lock box that you can set up outdoors. For example, you might purchase a box that’s designed to look like a padlock but has a secret compartment for hiding an extra key.

Check for Unlocked Access

A lot of people leave a window unlocked by accident. If you don’t have a backup key immediately available, check all access points to the home. If you have a home security system in place that involves remote monitoring, contact the security firm and provide a representative with your unique password before you attempt this option so that the police aren’t called to your home.

Hire a Professional Locksmith

When you don’t have a key and you can’t find a way in, contact an experienced professional like A Carolina Locksmith to help you regain access. If the lock is broken because of wear, a snapped off key or your own tampering, a locksmith can rekey the lock or swap it out and provide you with new keys. Also, a locksmith can inspect your existing security and offer you advice about better locking mechanisms. For example, if your home only has a door handle lock, a locksmith might recommend installation of a deadbolt or an electronic system.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your home insurance policy might include lockout coverage that reimburses to you part or all of the money that you spend on locksmith services. Additionally, if a locksmith installs new locks, the value of your home might increase. Ask your home insurance company representative about home security improvement premium discounts.

You don’t have to let a lockout disrupt your plans or cause a tragedy. Use these tips to provide you with efficient and potentially money-saving lockout solutions.