When you’re focusing on getting through every single day, running a household, holding down a job, and looking after your family, it can all seem a lot to get done. And it is. So, it’s easy to see why we sometimes forget all about the important checkups that can help us stay on track with health. Whether you’ve been running on autopilot for a while, or you can’t remember the last time you or any member of the family headed for a checkup, here are five of the most important to schedule in today.


The dentist isn’t everyone’s favorite person, but staying on top of your regular checkups can make sure that your teeth and gums remain in good shape. Your kids might eat healthily and avoid sugar, but that doesn’t always mean their teeth are healthy. Even if you do always remember to get your kids booked in, you should also bear in mind that you and your husband need to go too. Although your child’s dental hygiene can seem like more of a priority, you’ll wish you kept on top of things if you develop something like gum disease and start to lose teeth.


Even if your kids get all of their shots as a baby, there’s often top ups that they need later on in childhood or in their teenage years. So, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor to see if they need to have more shots or find out when it is they will need them. While you’re there, you may need them too. It might sound silly, but if you missed any of your shots, you might be at risk of getting sick.



Making sure that your dog is healthy is another one of those responsibilities that we all know we need to do, but don’t always make time for unless it’s urgent. Whether you do need something serious like getting heartworm medicine for dogs from the vets, or to check that your dog’s coat, eyes, teeth or weight is in check, make sure you call the vets and get your dog’s check up booked in right away. Because they’re a member of your family too!

Blood Pressure

When you’re a bit older, or you have a parent that has started to suffer from it, high blood pressure can change your life. Not only do you have to make lifestyle adaptations, but you also have to make sure that you’re taking your medication and getting regular checkups. Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away. So, instead, make sure that you or your parents see your doctor as often as you should and work on getting that blood pressure back down to a normal range.

Eye Doctor

Just like the dentist, not everyone likes to see the eye doctor. But it’s one of those appointments that we need to prioritize for the sake of our health. Getting an eye exam doesn’t have to be bad. And if you or your kids wear glasses, it should be something that you’re familiar with. So, bite the bullet and get those checkups booked in. Your eyesight will thank you for it.