Interior Design Ideas to DIY For

Whether your home is blank and brand new or cluttered and old, there comes a point at which you might want to take the initiative as a homeowner and fix up the place either on a practical level or simple in terms of design. You want the place to not only look clean, modern and aesthetically appealing but to look like home. You might need some professional help along the way, but DIY should be the answer for the most past.

You don’t need to spend a fortune fixing up your house unless it’s actually falling apart at the seams. Small improvements can make a huge difference in the overall appearance and general safety of your home. If you’re wondering where to begin with fixing up your household, whether it’s for aesthetic or practical reasons, then here are some interior design ideas to DIY for.

A clean slate.

You need to start with a blank canvas. You might have brilliant design ideas for your home already, but no artist can get started until they’ve created a drawing board on which to paint those ideas. Your first step should be to create a clean and tidy home. You want to strive for a minimalistic look, and that means finally decluttering the household. Getting rid of those old things you no longer need is a good idea on a practical level anyway. If it’s a home you recently bought then you can also get rid of the things that came with the property but you have no intention of keeping.

After tidying and cleaning the property from top to bottom, a little paint job could do wonders. A new coat of white paint on the walls and freshly painted cupboard doors could give your home that “new house” feel. Beyond a paint job, you might also want to look into available options when it comes to getting water out of your home fast because water damage to walls and flooring is often invisible. You shouldn’t just be painting over the cracks when it comes to fixing up your home; a fresh coat of paint won’t cover up problems such as broken cabinet doors in your kitchen, mold that’s been lingering on the bathroom walls for months or perhaps even cracks in the walls. When it comes to DIY, you either need to do it properly or not do it at all.

The garage.

Rather than seeing this space as yet another dumping ground, you could use your garage space as an organized storage facility. Even after decluttering, the things left behind that you have to keep might not be stored in the tidiest of fashions. It might be time to find things a home, and you could set your garage up as an additional “entertainment” room as motivation to do this. Getting a pool table set up and perhaps moving some games consoles, gadgets, books, magazines, and other things which might be overwhelming your living room or bedrooms into this area could create a dedicated, neat and tidy space for media and having fun. Better yet, it’ll clear up the rest of your house.


The lighting of each room in your house is important. During the day, you should be using mirrors to capture natural light streaming in through the windows and help to brighten each room; white walls will help with this too, which is why I suggested that color earlier. Mirrors are also decorative pieces which add character to a room if the walls are looking bare and lacking many pictures or paintings. During the evening, you should have softer lights for relaxation in bedrooms and the living room but bright, white lights for concentration in working spaces such as the study or kitchen.

What are some of your favorite DIY interior design ideas?