The Home Of Your Dreams

When you decide that it is time to redecorate your home, you will have to bring it up with the whole family. Of course, your partner will probably be on your side and will see things from your point of view when it comes to deciding on a style and interior design scheme. But, what about your kids? The chances are that they won’t see things from the same point of view as you at all. In fact, they could have some completely wild ideas!

Even if your two viewpoints are completely at odds with one another, it is still important to try and come to a compromise so that you and your children end up with a stylish interior design that you all like and are happy to live in. Not sure how you can reach a compromise at the minute? Here are some common situations and how you can improve them.


What You Want: A relaxing bathroom in which you can shut the door and forget about the outside world.

What Your Kids Want: A modern bathroom kitted out with loads of mod cons to help them get ready in the morning.

The Dream Bathroom

Parents need a space to relax in their home away from all the madness that their kids bring. So there is no wonder why so many homeowners want to turn their bathroom into a safe haven away from the hubbub of everyday life! However, your kids may have very different ideas, especially if they are teenagers.

Your older kids and teens will probably spend hours getting ready in the bathroom, and so they will no doubt want a bathroom that is filled with as many modern conveniences as possible. But then, if you do include all these snazzy features, you can be sure that the kids won’t ever give you a chance to get in the bathroom!

So, what should you do? Well, the best solution if to create an en suite in your master bedroom so that you and your partner can have your dream bathroom while the kids can take over the family one. No space? How about making an extra bathroom in a spare bedroom?!


What You Want: A simple media setup in your lounge with just a TV.

What Your Kids Want: A full media center, complete with TV, games consoles, DVD player, and Internet access.

The Dream Living Room

Lots of parents want to try and limit their children’s time using tech as it can be a huge distraction, especially if they have lots of homework and assignments coming up. Plus, most parents feel that their children’s time is best spent doing hobbies and activities that don’t involve any screens. However, your kids will want to have a living room that is as modern as possible.

One way to try and make your kids change their mind is to try and show them that their dream isn’t possible. To do this, you just need to find out the best Multimeter tool on Tool Nerds and then use it to see whether your room could handle all that electricity usage. If not, then there is no way you can have all those fancy appliances and devices!

What Your Kids Want: A swimming pool in the back garden.

What You Want: Certainly not a swimming pool! Just a neat, tidy, and easy to manage garden would do nicely.

The Dream Back Yard

Kids are big dreamers, so don’t be surprised if one of yours asks you about getting a swimming pool in the back garden! But that won’t sound good to you. Most homeowners want to create a very simple garden that is easy to maintain.

After all, we are all so busy with work and social events that many of us have little spare time to dedicate to our gardens.  But there is a very simple solution here that is easy to maintain, and your kids will also get their water.

Just add a pond to your garden! Sure, preparing the space and actually creating the pond will take some time, but once it is there a pond requires very little maintenance.

In fact, you only have to clear out any weeds and dead organic material just once a year. If you want to reduce this even further, you could simply cover the pond with a meshed net so that nothing falls into the water.

What Your Kids Want: Lots of tech in their bedrooms: computers, TVs, and games consoles.

What You Want: No tech at all in their bedrooms. Just a bed and some other important important items of furniture.

The Dream Bedroom

This can be hard for you both to agree on because normally most parents and children want completely different things when it comes to children’s and teenagers bedroom.

Kids will want to have a cool bedroom that is filled with all the latest gadgets and gizmos. But parents know that their rooms aren’t just for gaming – they also need to sleep and study in their too!

You might like this idea, but the best compromise you could come to is to let them just have one piece of tech in their bedroom. It could be best to just have a computer in their as they can use this to help them study and do their homework.

It’s a good idea to let the kids have some other cool stuff in their room to try and take their mind off not getting all the tech that they wanted. For instance, if your son or daughter has always wanted bunkbeds, you might want to treat them to some rather than a games console or a TV.

Decorating your home in a way that pleases everyone in your family is no easy feat. However, as you can see, it is very possible to come to an agreement over the final interior design of your home. You have just got to be ready to come to a compromise; that’s the only way you can keep everyone under the same roof happy!

Got any other tips to keep the kids happy in the home of your dreams? Let me know!