When you have a craving for fresh vegetables and fruits, there is no better way to get them than by going out to the garden that you have planted in the summer and picking the items off the vines. Planting a garden has many advantages for all members of the family and even the community. It’s a process to get everything in the ground and to ensure that it’s growing properly, but once you start seeing the harvest, then it’s worth the wait.

Saves Money
Growing your own vegetables and fruits in your garden can save you money. When you go to the grocery store or a farmer’s market, you’re paying for items that have often been marked up in price simply because of the convenience. The only thing that you have to pay for when you have a garden is the added soil and the seeds or plants. You can even make money if you take your items to a farmer’s market or sell them from home.

Teaches Responsibility
Your children will learn what it’s like to be responsible. You can delegate tasks, such as fertilizing the garden with organic products that you get from companies like Nature Safe or watering the garden every day. They can also learn how to gather the crops when they are ripe, caring for them until they are ready to be enjoyed.

Have Food Available
Having a garden usually means that you always have some kind of food available. You can have fresh items as long as the plants produce. Another option is to freeze produce in bags or can items so that you can have them later in the year or even the next year.

You’re In Control
When you plant a garden, you can choose what you want to grow. You can have the items that your family enjoys, such as watermelon, green beans or corn. There isn’t a need to worry about things that the family won’t eat as you can plant only what the family enjoys.

Always Fresh
There aren’t any pesticides on the items you grow or any other chemicals that are added that you might see in a grocery store. The items that you get from your garden are the best that they can be when you pick them as soon as they are ripe. You no longer have to throw out foods that are wilted in the refrigerator as you can get the foods that you need when you want from your garden.

Planting a garden offers several benefits. It offers healthy foods for the family. You will have a way to show your family that you care by providing fresh foods. There is also a way to make a little extra money by selling what you have that you don’t need.

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