Childhood Games Make Learning Fun

We all want our babies to grow up and be successful in life, that’s not a secret. We hold a new baby in our arms and envision the brain surgeon they may one day become. We daydream about them having secure futures that they carve out for themselves. As parents, we spend a lot of time playing matching games, spelling and singing songs in the hope we can impart some wisdom into their minds from a young age.

The thing is, we also want them to be children. We want them to play and get messy and dance around in sparkly costumes. Fun is an important part of childhood, and you can’t always find the balance between wanting the kids to learn as much as they can and play as much as they can. Finding the time for fun around all the things that you want them to learn isn’t easy, unless you’re crafty about it.

Toddlers absolutely love to learn all about the world, and they are little sponges. They soak up every piece of learning that they can and they parrot what they’ve learned back to you. Pre-schoolers love to learn, but get tired of it very easily. The trick is to weave education into the games you play.

Using Technology to Educate Your Kids?

A lot of parents are not keen on the idea of technology being the way to educate or entertain their children. It makes sense when you think about it. Most parents grew up learning just fine with flashcards and coloring books and puzzles. The world we live in now is one that relies heavily on technology to get by. Schools are using tablets and laptops instead of pens and paper and while this may be difficult for parents to reconcile, it’s the way the world is going. Your children using a tablet for entertainment and education is not going to be detrimental to their future.

In fact, it’s going to aid their learning. With a tablet, you can learn how to make learning fun with ABCYA 3rd, 4th and 5th grade games for your kids to keep them having fun and learning all at once. Don’t be put off by the idea of using technology to educate them – they can be light-years ahead of their friends at school just by being taught by you at home how to use a tablet.

There are so many learning games on the shelves of the stores that you can buy for your children. Tablets and iPads may be the go-to gift for education and entertainment, but using these alongside the traditional flashcards, arts and crafts and hands-on games that encourage learning and handwriting is the way to go. Weaving education through your children’s games is the way to get them to soak up facts and information without them realizing. Sometimes, schools are too focused on learning for exams and tests. Your children need to have fun and with you at home teaching them the things they wouldn’t learn at school, you’ll be thanked for it later.

What are some of your favorite childhood games?