What to Watch on Netflix Now

It’s safe to say that Netflix has revolutionized the way in which we consume visual media. Netflix began as a subscription service way back in 1997, and ten years after that it began utilizing streaming technology – slowly starting to evolve into the service we know and love today. Now, it is used by millions of people around the world and has even moved into producing its own programs, such as the critically acclaimed House of Cards, The Crown and Narcos. It can also be a great tool for next level home entertainment.

If you’re struggling to keep the children occupied during the school vacation, a Netflix series will easily keep them quiet for a few hours at least! Plus, there’s nothing quite like settling down to watch a great new movie after the kids are in bed with a glass of wine and your feet up. So, with the sheer abundance of things to watch on Netflix these days, just where should you begin? Here are some of the top picks of shows you just HAVE to watch on the world’s favorite streaming service (if you’re not already doing so).

RuPaul’s Drag Race

This show has been around for a few years now – and if you’re looking for a guilty pleasure, it really doesn’t get better than RuPaul! Hosted by world-famous drag queen/actor/musician RuPaul Charles, RuPaul’s Drag Race is essentially America’s Next Top Model… but for DRAG QUEENS. Yep, you heard us correctly! The contestants (who are all larger than life, as you might expect) compete in weekly challenges to win the coveted approval of RuPaul, and each episode features an array of guest celebrity judges too. If you’re indeed of some upbeat escapism, waste no time in falling down the RuPaul rabbit hole.

Person of Interest

On a slightly grittier note, CIA-focused thriller Person of Interest is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat. Here are the facts you don’t know about Person Of Interest on Netflix, but we’ll also give you a little bit of background too. The show began airing in 2011 and culminated in its finale back in 2016 – and with a total of 103 episodes under its belt, you can while away plenty of hours catching up via Netflix. The series as a whole was critically acclaimed, with Gizmodo labeling it ‘one of the best science fiction series ever broadcast.’

Orange Is The New Black

If you haven’t heard of Orange Is The New Black, just where have you been for the past four years?! This comedy-drama about life in a women’s prison has become Netflix’s most-watched original series and has spawned standout stars like Taylor Schilling and Uzo Aduba. The show gained 12 Emmy nominations for its first season alone and has gone on to win a whole cluster of awards. Not jumped on the bandwagon yet? The latest season premieres on June 9th, so you still have a bit of time to catch up on the previous seasons before then!


Okay, you might have already jumped on the Orange is the New Black bandwagon. Looking for more? Check out Wentworth. Seriously! If you love OITNB you will absolutely love Wentworth, a hidden gem hanging out on Netflix – it’s a similar concept, women in prison but it’s Australian. If I’m being completely honest, I may even like Wentworth slightly better!

Season 5 of Wentworth is currently airing in Australia. I’m over here, not so patiently waiting for it to hit Netflix. Rumor has it that will happen in August. Looks like Netflix will deliver me some Orange is the New Black in the meantime! What are you watching on Netflix?