Prepping for Summer

Some might argue that Christmas is the most magical time of year, but summer has to be up there too. Warm days and long, light evenings are where memories are made. Time spent with friends, vacations, days out and so much more.

However it’s not all plain sailing, and of course as a homeowner your work is never really done. But it’s worth it to get the most out of your home especially when the weather is nice. Here are some chores to keep you busy over the next few weeks!

Get Your Garden In Order

Your garden might not get a whole lot of use over the winter, but when the sun is out, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the space. Barbecues, garden parties, spending time in the hot tub or sunbathing with friends- what’s not to love?

Getting the space up to scratch is important to make the time spent out there as enjoyable as possible. Repair a bald or patchy lawn with grass seed, and then give it a cut in a few weeks once the seeds have established. Cut back any plants that have grown out of control, pull up weeds and remove any litter that’s accumulated or blown through.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Works

Being outside in the sun is glorious, but being inside when it’s hot is sticky and uncomfortable- especially at night! A good air conditioning system will help you to stay cool and is by far the most efficient way to control the temperature in your home.

If you don’t’ have a system installed, you could check out a company like Farnen & Dermer to find out the price. If you have air con already, give it a good test and check it works- you won’t have used it much (if at all) over the last few months, so you’ll need to check it’s in full working order.

Switch Out Your Duvet and Bedding

Ideally, you will have two duvets, one for spring and summer and another for autumn and winter. Now is the time to put your thick fall/ winter duvet into storage and bring out the lighter one. This will make you far more comfortable at night as you won’t be overheating.

Duvets can be bulky to store, but if you invest in some vacuum bags, you can store them in cubes and use your vacuum cleaner to suck out all of the air. This makes them far smaller to store in the loft or under the bed until you need them again.

Change Your Accessories and Home Fragrance

If your home has neutral walls and floors, it’s easy to change the accent color with your accessories. Change cushion covers and throws for those in a lighter and more summery color- storing away your current ones for use later in the year when autumn rolls back around.

You could even go a step further and change lampshades and curtains too, it’s an easy way to give your home a fresh new look without spending much money. Fresh flowers are another way to bring spring/ summer life and freshness into the home, you can buy bouquets from grocery stores for a few dollars which last for a few weeks.

How are you prepping for summer?