One of the biggest bugbears for homeowners is pests. After all, they get into the property and can cause havoc. Pests like dust mites can cause breathing difficulties in people suffering from allergies. Additionally, pets like rats and termites can damage the structure and chew the wire causing terrible damage to your home! And the worst thing about pests is that it’s often down to us making errors which cause them to be in our home. In fact, here are some errors we’re making which are causing pests to move in to our property.

Leaving things sitting on the floor

It’s so easy to dump things on the floor once we have finished with them. However, when we do leave items on the floor, they become good hiding places for pests like rats and dust mites. After all, they can hide and make home in piles of items. And until you move the pile, you might not even realize they are there.

But in the meantime, pests can be causing your family members with allergies to have attacks. And they are also dangerous for pets as they can carry diseases which could be passed onto your furry friend.

Therefore, to ensure you don’t provide a welcome home to the pests, it’s so vital you don’t leave things sitting on the floor. Tidy them away and find homes for the items. And remember if it’s something you don’t need anymore, make sure it finds its way to the bin rather than the floor!


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Not looking in our attic regularly

When was the last time you went in your attic? For a lot of us, we barely go up there once a year! After all, it’s usually just somewhere we put old junk.

In my house, it’s more of a hassle to get to with a small opening in a ceiling and it’s simply a huge space of insulation covered “flooring” so I avoid it like the plague! However, if you don’t visit the attic, there’s a good chance something might be occurring that you don’t know about.

After all, pests like rats often make home in the attic. And they could be destroying the insulation and the structure of the home. As well as contaminating the space with feces and urine. And if they are not dealt with quickly, it will not only cause damage to your property, but it can cause your family to suffer from respiratory problems.

Therefore, go up to your attic and then you can contact a rodent exterminator to remove them quickly! And there are also some other benefits to visiting the loft; you will be able to spot signs of mold and damp. And then you can deal with these before they become a bigger issue.

Leaving doors and windows open

It’s common to have the back door and windows open in your home during this season. After all, it’s warm, so it’s good to get some fresh air in your property. But while it’s good to get air, you could be letting pests into your home. After all, they will wander in while it’s open. To ensure this doesn’t happen, try and get some form of insect screen for your windows and doors. That way, they won’t be able to get in while you get some air. And you should keep them shut as much as you can.

Also, remember to always clean away any old food. After all, it will be appealing to pests if it’s left out on the side.