Making your home work for the whole family is never easy. You may all have similar values, but you have differences too. And, those differences become a problem when you’re sharing a house. Never are those differences plainer than in the communal bathroom. It’s the one room every member of your house uses. And so, it’s the place that causes the most disagreements. The goods news is, there are ways to cut down on the arguments. It’s impossible to keep everybody happy all the time. But, these steps can take you one step closer to a bathroom to suit your family.



One thing that causes a lot of arguments in any shared bathroom is that of showers vs. baths. Some family members will be avid supporters of the bath. Others would never dream of soaking in the tub. If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, you’ll have room for both. But, most bathrooms are small, and the majority of us struggle to reach a compromise. Luckily, there are a wide range of shower baths which could solve the problem for you. No one will have to make do with something that doesn’t suit this way. You’ll never again have to listen to the woes of a showerer who’s been forced into the bath! And, this option doesn’t take up any extra room. If you prefer baths, you may even find that this option gives you the best of both worlds. Bubbly baths may be perfect for relaxing, but they’re not the best when it comes to washing off hair products. So, you can choose to shower on hair wash days, instead.


Another major sticking point is time clashes. You all have your own lives, and it may be that you need to use the bathroom at the same times. If this is something that often happens in your house, it’s a problem you should address. The best way around this issue is a bathroom schedule. Giving everyone a set time in the bathroom means that you all get a fair chance. This does have the downside of meaning you have to wash to a time limit. If that doesn’t appeal, you could opt instead for double sinks. While you’ll still need time alone for more personal pursuits, this means you can brush your teeth side by side!


Less of a problem, but important all the same, is the issue of light. If you’re having a relaxing soak, you don’t want a bright light glaring down at you. It won’t exactly add to the ambient atmosphere you’re trying to create. Yet, if someone is trying to shave or apply makeup, dim lighting won’t be up to the job. Dimmer switches can be a fantastic way around this. That way, you’ll be able to adjust the lighting to suit your needs. Or, you could opt instead for in mirror light. That way, there’s a bright light for when you need it.