Be Unstoppable Erica Before and After

Before you read on, I want to say that I’m super enthusiastic about both DDP Yoga and Atkins because these were the instrumental in my success. When I share my story, I often share my love for both of these brands because they were such a huge part of my journey. I’ve even filmed my testimonial for each of them, but I want to make it clear that I have not been, nor will I be paid to promote either brand. I believe in their programs and principles and they worked for me! I also openly acknowledge that while they were key to my success, these programs might not be the best fit for someone else.

My underlying message and goal in sharing my story is to express that with dedication to ourselves, and making a commitment to making healthy changes and sticking with them, we can change our lives! I want to motivate and inspire as many people as I can because I was so hopeless and down when I saw someone else’s inspirational success story and that gave me the courage to try. This is why I agreed to share my success story with these brands, to extend the reach of the inspiration that I hope to provide, and because I truly believe in the programs. I would never want to be associated so publicly, and at this magnitude, with something that I don’t personally believe in.

Today, my journey to unstoppable went up on DDP Yoga’s Facebook page and on YouTube. You might have seen my weight loss success story on The Today Show this past September, or in Woman’s World Magazine right after Christmas or on the news in Atlanta. Be Unstoppable Erica Before and After

But, none tell my story quite like the video below does. I spent hours talking about my life leading up to where I am today at less than half my highest weight and completely independent of prescription medications. The video editor at DDP Yoga proved just how talented he was when he pared my story down to five minutes of honest, real, and sometimes hard truth followed up with what I hope is motivation and inspiration for anyone and everyone.

It doesn’t have to be just about losing weight. I truly believe what I say in this video, sometimes, you have to decide what it is that you want, find your why and then let it drive you home.

When this video came out today I realized that I hadn’t even had the chance to share another video that I’m in, Live Your #HappyWeight with Atkins which is another great source of inspiration from myself and my fellow Atkins lifestyle friends. There will be a few more of these videos coming out in the coming months, with two more of me talking about my story from the perspective of eating low carb. Check out the current one here:

When I lost the weight, it wasn’t just about looking better, in fact – that was the least important goal for me. I lost the weight to FEEL better and feel better, I do! In this next video, I talk about how the numbers changed, not just on the scale; but also, on my tags, my blood pressure readings, my cholesterol printouts and more!

More to come. In the meantime, what are YOU going to do to BE UNSTOPPABLE?! You CAN do it!