relieve stress

relieve stress

Employers give their staff a pat on the back when they work hard to get the job done. But, what if workers are putting their health at risk to please their boss? Research shows people working too hard become irritable and short-tempered. The same individuals experience other stress related issues. Employees can do several things at home to relieve job-related stress. The list below will show how to prevent and cope with stress.

Leave the work at the office

People think they are speeding up the process when they take work home from the office. Answering endless phone calls while off the clock will increase your stress levels. According to the Center for American Progress, both men and women work over 40 hours per week. Manage your workload at the office and set boundaries. Once you stay focused, you will achieve your goals.

Juggling family and work is not an easy task, so the best thing to do is separate the two. You cannot put your family on hold to solve work-related problems. The behavior will add more stress due to the family reaction. They will think your work is more important than them. There is no way to explain to a two-year-old why you cannot hug her because of a job-related phone call. Leave the work at the office.

Use a home spa

Another way to relieve stress is to use a home spa. It is not the same as taking a regular bath. The goal is to unwind and get rid of stress. The advantages of using a home spa include easing muscle aches and pains. Other benefits include relieving arthritis and blood pressure. You will need to get the most out of your spa. For example, Rocky Mountain Hot Tub Company can help you with spa installation and repairs.

When you are soaking in the home spa, the warmth, and the pulsing feeling is an excellent way to massage your body. You will not think of work or anything else. The atmosphere will relax your muscles, and you will forget about your problems. You can enjoy your home spa more by adding aromatherapy. Certain fragrances from the essential oils have proven to relieve stress.

Gardening and watering the plants

Watering the plants and gardening are great stress relievers. Your attention is not on work but the task on hand. For mothers with children, gardening can be fun. While you dig and plant vegetables, your kids can help out. Ask them to do the watering. They will think the experience is fun, making you enjoy what you are doing even more. Men can also take part. They will experience the same health benefits.

When you are digging in the dirt, it is not the same as sitting at a desk working. You are one with the earth, meaning the experience will stimulate your mind. You are planting a life form and knowing the seeds will grow gives you joy. Watching the seeds grow adds a little more excitement to your hard work.


Another excellent way to relieve stress is to meditate. You can do the exercise for 15 minutes or more per day. It involves breathing and relaxing your body. It will lower your stress level, reduce anxiety, and improves your heart health. When you breathe and relax your mind, your blood pressure will go down, relieving stress.


While you are trying to be the best you can be, please do not forget to take care of your health. It is a great accomplishment to get recognition from your boss. But, by the same token, you do not want to overwork yourself getting there. Manage your work schedule well, so you do not have to bring work home with you. Use a home spa to unwind and relieve stress. Do gardening and water the plants. Have your family join in the fun to make it a beneficial experience. Plus, meditation will lower your stress level, anxiety, and improves your heart rate.

What do you do to relieve stress after a long day?