When people think about dream interpretation, many instantly conjure up images of dream dictionaries, sitting on a chair with a Freud-style psychoanalyst, or speaking to a psychic medium with a crystal ball for answers.  And whilst dream analysis can involve these things, it’s actually something that can be done on your own and offers you a great way to understand more about yourself.

Want to learn more about dream interpretation?  Keep reading.

Why Do We Dream?

First of all, let’s take a look at why we dream.  According to dream experts, dreaming isn’t something that our bodies need to do from a physical standpoint, but it can provide benefits from a metaphysical one.  When we dream, our conscious mind connects with our unconscious, and enables us to play out emotions and scenarios in a non-threatening way.  Dreaming helps us to process thoughts more clearly, and can help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves when analysed.

So How Can We Analyze Our Dreams?

There are a number of ways we can analyse our dreams.  A few of these are described below:

  • Make notes as soon as you wake up – recording your dreams the minute you wake up is important as it’s the only way you’ll remember as much as possible about what happened. Keep a dream journal by your bed and be prepared to jot down anything you remember as soon as you wake up.
  • Identify your emotions – this is really important. If you were angry, scared, sad, or happy in your dream, make sure to note it down.  How do you feel the morning after your dream?  Are you still feeling those feelings or do you feel more cathartic?
  • Look out for recurring thoughts or dreams – if you start to recognize similar emotions or similar activities in your dreams, these may be trying to tell you something. Try and see if there are any moments in your day to day life that match these thoughts and try to work out why.
  • Consider every element of the dream – You can appear in your dreams in several ways. Sometimes you may be the main protagonist.  During others, you may be looking at yourself as a bystander.  This can help you to determine whether there is a clear distinction between you as a person and you in the dream.
  • Consider speaking to a psychic – online psychics from telemedium.ca can help you to interpret your dreams if you are struggling to do so yourself.

Can We Benefit from Dreaming?

Studies have shown that we can benefit from dreaming, especially where mental health is concerned.  Those who dream regularly have a lower risk of depression, are more emotionally stable, and seem to have a better grasp over their feelings in everyday life.  Dreaming can also help to alleviate stress, resolve conflicts and help you to put problems to rest.

Being able to interpret your dreams is something that can help you a lot in your everyday life, so it’s definitely worth giving it a go. Have you ever thought about dream interpretation?