It’s not uncommon for caring parents to have an impressive medicine cabinet that is complete with a first aid kit, but there may still be a few things that they might have overlooked. The following are four essential items that parents should keep in the medicine cabinet.

Scar Prevention

You were a kid once, and you may remember those times you scratched your elbow or knee. Some of these scratches or wounds might have left scars on your skin. Well, there is a way to promote healing and prevent scars by using raw honey. Studies have shown that it helps bind scar tissue, promoting healing. It is also antibacterial. All you have to do is apply honey to the wound and cover with a band aid.

Tummy Woes

Children are naturally curious, meaning they might be inclined to eat something they should not eat. Of course, the best thing that you can do is teach your child what he or she should eat, but this does not always work. This is the reason why you should have activated charcoal in your medicine cabinet. The powdered substance is sometimes made of burned coconut shells and acts as an effective magnet. It attracts toxins and poisons upon ingestion, which helps prevent damage to the stomach. This is used against food poisoning and symptoms associated with it.

Nasal Issues

There is one common ailment that haunts most children, which is a runny nose. There are many reasons why a nose might run, from a common cold to allergies. This issue can get a little messy for parents, which is the reason you should keep a nasal spray, such as Dymista, in your cabinet to help reduce these symptoms.

Heal the Burn

No one wants their child to get burned, but this is a common injury, meaning that you should be prepared. Of course, you already have your first aid kit, but one thing that might help expedite the healing process is aloe vera gel. This gel comes from a plant that mostly grows in deserts. It contains curative properties that help the skin heal, especially after a burn. The gel has gentle cooling properties, which lessens the pain upon contact.

These are just a few suggestions that you should consider adding to your medicine cabinet. They are effective and natural alternative treatments. Do not be afraid to venture off this list and look for other options that are customized to your child’s needs.