Here it is! I’m on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine this week!  They shared my “Aha!” moment from when I realized that my weight had really truly become a life or death issue for me through taking on DDP Yoga and incorporating Atkins into my lifestyle. In two years, I lost 181 pounds and then I did a stint at the gym lifting super heavy weights and packed on ten pounds of what I hope was muscle. Eventually, I hurt my back and realized that I had no business under 200 pounds of barbell without a spotter and so I rebooted my DDP Yoga workouts moving from the original DVD’s to the DDP Yoga 2.0 app, which I adore! Safer, and I genuinely just feel better when I do the workouts! I’ve maintained a net weight loss for the last year of about 175 pounds and while I’m always hoping to lose another 5 or 10, I’m truly so happy with my progress! I was able to stop taking all of my prescription medications including two for high blood pressure, which is now always normal for the first time in my life probably since I was a pre-teen!

I look better, but more importantly, I feel better. I hope that you find my Woman’s World story inspirational and motivational for you to take control of your life whether it’s weight loss, a financial struggle, or something else, if you reach deep enough you’ll find that you have the power to make a change, no matter how big or small. Thanks for reading! And, if you’d like to stick around to follow the rest of my journey and get updates on what’s happening next, please sign up for my super rare newsletter below.

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