Children not only fill up our hearts, but they fill up our time, too. Between school, ironing, cooking, clean, bath-time and bedtime, parents can find it difficult to make time for themselves. However, it is important for Moms and Dads to enjoy moments away from their little ones. Any parent will know it can often be difficult to find a babysitter, which is why a dinner party could be the perfect solution to your social problems, plus, these tips are just in time for the holidays and might just help you keep calm while planning your upcoming dinner party!

Pick a Meal You Know

You might love the thought of cooking up a new dish, but you will hate it should it go wrong. By picking a meal you know tastes great and isn’t difficult to make, you will eliminate the stress from the dinner party, so you can just enjoy yourself and have a great time. However, if you really do have your heart set on creating an untried dish, maybe perform a few trial-runs before the dinner party, so you have the meal perfected for your friends. If you really want to wow your guests, you could always choose from one of many luxury food hampers available to create a meal that will linger on their tongues all night long.

Ask About Allergies

The last thing you will want to do is cook a dish only to find a guest is allergic to an ingredient in the meal. Ask ahead if anyone has any allergies or dislikes, so you can serve a dinner that everyone can enjoy.

Preparation is Key

You will want to be an amazing host or hostess, which means spending as little time as possible in the kitchen. It therefore pays to prepare the meal in advance, so you can easily create dishes whilst looking like a calm and talented multi-tasker.

Clean as You Cook

Don’t allow all the pots and pans to build up. Wash the dishes and clean the worktops whilst the pasta boils or the roasting dish is in the oven. By cleaning on the go, you will feel more organised whilst freeing up your space to serve an impressive meal.

Allow Guests to Help

You aren’t inviting a stranger into your home, so allow guests to help if they offer. It will make them feel useful and provides you both with an opportunity to have a chat whilst you clean or cook. Also, if a guest asks to bring a bottle of wine or dessert to the party, say yes, because they will also want to contribute to the fun.

Stock Up on Drinks

Don’t allow your guests drinks to run dry and ensure you have a wide selection on offer throughout the dinner party. You will want to provide them with a memory for all the right reasons, and topping up a glass will help you do just that. You could even request that each guest brings a bottle. Also, ensure you have some fun non-alcoholic drinks available for designated drivers or tee-total guests.

Say Cheese

Once the meal is over, it’s time to retire to the living room for a nice glass of wine and a cheese board. While the children sleep happily in their beds, you can enjoy delicious cheese and crackers and a well-earned drink, surrounded by your closest friends. You know that sounds good, right?

Do you have any dinner party tips to add?