When it comes time to find your teen driver a new vehicle, reliability should always be a key factor. Nothing beats being able to ride with an extra sense of security. Here are the top ten most reliable cars for teen drivers.

Honda Civic
The Civic has always been one of the most reliable compact cars on the market. With the proper servicing, it is not uncommon for a Civic to rack up more than 300,000 miles with no trouble. Some of the standard features include a rear-view camera, automatic climate control, and 5.0-inch display screen.

Toyota Corolla
Drivers have grown to love the Corolla’s low-maintenance design and long-term durability. Based on feedback from current owners, the small sedan does not have any major problem areas. It also rewards young drivers with excellent fuel economy. Furthermore, several advanced safety features now come standard. For the teens who desire a sportier look, the sleek XRS model is sure to catch their attention.

Honda Fit
A lot of teenagers love the Honda Fit’s versatile design. From soccer equipment to book bags, plenty of extra stuff can be easily stored in its flexible cargo area. It also has a proven history of being reliability. The Fit’s agile driving dynamics make it even more appealing. Several eye-catching exterior colors are now available.

Subaru Impreza
The new Subaru Impreza offers more than just superb reliability. According to Findlay Auto, a St. George Subaru dealership, the Subaru Impreza is the only small car in its class that comes standard with an all-wheel-drive system. This ensures the optimum traction in bad weather. In terms of performance, the Impreza’s four-cylinder engine delivers just the right amount of pep for inexperienced drivers.

Toyota 86
If your teenager is begging for a sporty ride, the Toyota 86 remains one of the best options. Not only does the 86 offer reliability, but it also promises to provide great crash protection. With a total output of around 200 horsepower, the coupe’s four-cylinder engine delivers a strong performance without being overly powerful.

Kia Soul
Known for its boxy shape, the Kia Soul remains a favorite among young drivers. They like the small crossover’s roomy design and cool styling. Most importantly, it is a vehicle that you can depend on. Upgrades, such an amplified sound system and smartphone integration, make the Soul especially appealing.

Ford Mustang V-6
The base Ford Mustang V-6 is a surprisingly good option for teenagers. It proves to be reliable and very cheap to maintain. All trims now come equipped with an innovative MyKey feature, which enables parents to set a speed limit. A five-star safety rating takes the Mustang’s appeal to the next level.

Subaru Crosstrek
If your teen prefers to drive a SUV, the new Subaru Crosstrek deserves some serious consideration. Although the Crosstrek is a SUV, it handles the road more like a sedan. A Symmetrical AWD system and a fuel-saving “boxer” engine come standard.

Toyota Prius
Over the years, the Toyota Prius has earned a reputation for delivering long-term reliability. It is also extremely safe and remarkably easy on gas. With a combined fuel economy rating of more than 45 mpg, the Prius will certainly keep some extra cash in your teen’s pockets.

Chevrolet Cruze
The Chevy Cruze has become a top contender in the small sedan segment. Its dependability and sharp styling will intrigue plenty of teen drivers. A turbocharged engine makes it more fun to drive than ever before. Chevy’s new Teen Driver technology can actually monitor your teen’s driving habits.

All ten of these cars promise to keep teenagers satisfied. They prove that you can have fun without sacrificing dependability. Because of their reliability, parents will be able to take an additional sigh of relief.