When your parents get to the point that they need someone in the home to help with medications or to make sure that they are safe, then it might be time to think about putting them in an assisted living facility. It’s not a way of showing that you don’t care about your parents. It’s a way to show them that you want them to be as happy as possible but that they need the proper care so that they are in a safe environment.

Is It Time For An Assisted Living Home?

One of the things that you might notice is the way that the house is kept clean. Sometimes, older adults just won’t take the time to pick up papers, clean the dishes or maintain the laundry like they once did. This is a sign that they might be forgetting the chores or that they don’t have the stamina to clean the home any longer.

You might have to make sure that your parents are taking their medications the way that they should on a daily basis. If your parents seem to be forgetting to take medications, then they might need to be in a place where they can receive what they need by a nurse or assistant. The staff at the facility will ensure that your parents get the medications that are needed as well as making sure that the vital signs are monitored on a regular basis.

Sometimes, older adults might not want to talk to friends and family as much. This is one of the signs that they might benefit from being in an assisted living facility. They will be able to take part in crafts and other fun activities with the other residents who are in the facility. Facilities like Cedar Village have scheduled activities on a daily basis, such as games, celebrations and movies, so that residents can enjoy time together.

Personal Care
Your parents might not want to provide the personal care that they once did. This includes making sure the hair is styled and washed and changing clothes on a daily basis. An assisted living facility can help with bathing, washing clothing and making sure that your parents stay as clean as possible and still have a fresh look as many locations have a salon on the site.

This is often a prominent sign when it comes to making a decision about putting parents in an assisted living facility. If one or both parents tend to fall easily or have unexplained bruises, then it’s time to think about the safety instead of keeping them at home. There are tools available at an assisted living facility that will help to keep your parents safe, and there is always someone in the building in the event of an emergency.

Your parents are likely two of the most important people in your life. You want to make sure that they live their golden years as peaceful as possible. An assisted living home can give them a chance to be with others while they are safe and cared for in a manner that you might not be able to provide.