We all want our kids to grow up healthy and strong by having wholesome meals, but sometimes the appeal of convenience items seems just too good to pass up. But you don’t have to sacrifice health for convenience. Here are some ways to make sure your kids eat a healthy lunch for school.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Limit Processed Foods and Sugar
Although they are really convenient, limit the amount of processed foods like crackers, chips, and cookies. They may taste good, but they’re full of empty calories and not a lot of nutrients. You don’t have to forgo them altogether, but make them an occasional item instead of a staple for your child’s lunch. Swap out white bread for breads that are high in whole grains, like the type you would find at Klosterman Baking Company. Also, think twice about including juice in your child’s lunch. Many dentists discourage drinking juice because it’s full of sugar without much nutritional value, and can do damage to your child’s teeth. Fruit snacks are another sugary snack that can harm your child’s teeth. Fruit snacks can stick to the cracks of the teeth, and since kids typically don’t brush after lunch, the sugar stays in contact with the teeth for the rest of the day.

Add in Healthy Convenient Items
Buy healthy food items that are also convenient. Get organic apple sauce pouches that are both easy to grab and free of additives, or buy individual veggie and dip trays. There are a lot of healthy items you can buy prepackaged that will be convenient, as well as healthy. Or, if you don’t want to spend the money on prepackaged healthy food, make some healthy convenient snacks of your own. If you make it yourself, you know what’s in it. Make some healthy muffins ahead of time and put them in individual bags so they’re easy to grab on the go. Bag up some cut veggies or spread peanut butter in celery so your kids can have a healthy snack without too much effort on your part.

Make Healthy Foods Fun
Too often our kids won’t touch something just because they think it’s good for them. Make your healthy food look appealing. Cut your sandwiches into shapes, or turn your pb&j into a shish kabob. There are dozens of blogs online that have ideas for how to make your healthy food look fun and appealing for your kids.

Don’t just settle for the convenience of junk food. Help your kids grow healthy and strong by giving their bodies the nutrients they need, while still preserving the convenience you need.