From those first months of newborn snuggles to that divine new baby smell, children bring so much joy to our lives. They also complicate things. Showers begin to feel like a luxury, and being a mom can be a lot to handle when you were used to sleeping in on the weekends. Luckily most babies go easy on us in the beginning, sleeping the majority of the time and requiring little more than a fresh diaper, lots of milk and cuddles to be content. But as your baby reaches milestone after milestone and becomes mobile, it’s a little more challenging to keep baby safe. Here are a few strategies to prepare your home for your baby.

Choose a Family-Friendly Place to Live

While this may not be a common baby-proofing tip, it’s a necessary first step for everyone’s well-being and sanity. Your fourth-floor walk-up in SoHo may have been great before baby, but now that you have a stroller to lug up and down those stairs, you may be considering a move.

Aside from easy accessibility and square footage, other family-friendly features to look for are laundry facilities on-site or very nearby, local shops for your essentials, kid-friendly restaurants and parks within walking distance. To help narrow your search for your next place, Google “family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC” (or wherever you live). Once you have a list of areas to scope out, you can more easily filter your search using an apartment search site like

Cover Electrical Outlets

Little fingers are often drawn to see where these mystical holes in the wall lead. Curb those curious tendencies by swapping out your standard outlet covers with childproof sliding outlet covers. Sure, those simple plastic outlet plugs may be cheaper and equally effective, but they are also a pain to get out and store when you actually have to use the outlet.

For outlets where you routinely have things like lamps or other power cords plugged in, get an outlet plug cover that fits over any cords you have plugged in, locking them in place so your inquisitive little tot can’t pull them out.

Keep out of the Cabinets

Cabinet doors are pretty fascinating to little ones. Between the noises the hinges make to all the treasures that can be found in there, cabinets are a real point of interest for your little explorer. Instead of saying “No!” hundreds of times a day, save your breath and lock up all of the cabinets that contain anything that shouldn’t be licked, swallowed, thrown on the ground or used like a drum.

Even if your baby doesn’t seem interested in going through your cabinets, you should still add locks to all cabinets containing cleaning products or other chemicals, like in the kitchen and in your bathroom.

Don’t Forget About Bathtub Safety

Going from a small infant tub to a full-sized bathtub is intimidating for little ones, which can make bath time a struggle during this transition. Make it easier and safer for your baby by adding a slip-proof suction bath mat and a spout protector with a temperature reader. With Spout Cover by 4Moms, you can protect your tot from hitting his head on the tub filler, while also ensuring that the temperature is just right, thanks to a built-in, easy-to-read digital display.

Babies are endlessly curious and love to explore. But if you prepare thoroughly, you can increase your peace of mind along with your baby’s safety, even if they manage to wander off in your house.