Welcoming a new baby into the family is one of the most exciting moments in any family’s life, but there are a few stressors that come out during this time. You’re pregnant and your heart is filled with love and excitement, but your current home is filled with everything else. There’s no room for a new baby. What is a new family to do when there’s a baby on the way, but there’s no room to put that baby in the house you already have? Do you build a new home? Do you buy a new home? Do you remodel your current home? There is no right answer for every expectant parent, but there are a few pieces of advice you can apply to your personal situation to help you find the right answer for your growing family.

Considerations to Make

Building a new home is a stressful process, and not everyone wants to go through that while pregnant or with a new baby in the house. It takes time, and a new home might not be ready in time for your baby’s arrival. The good news is new babies don’t need that much space right away. It’s true baby furniture is large and takes up ample space, but babies don’t. You can legitimately get away with putting the baby in the master bedroom with you for a few months after birth. In fact, most families do. This provides you with a bit more time when it comes to building a new home.

Buying A New Home

Now that your family is growing, you might consider buying a new home. It’s faster than building, and you can always make some changes as needed to ensure the home you choose is perfect. Now that you have a family to consider, however, buying becomes a bit more difficult. You’ll want to be closer to good schools, parks, and family entertainment. You don’t want to commute too far, however, since you want to spend as much time as a family as possible after work. This leaves you with some options. If you can find a new home that meets these requirements, buy it. If you can’t, consider finding property and building what you want in the location you want.


You can remodel anything to make room for a new baby, but you need to know what’s possible before you make a commitment. For instance, if you simply need another 500 to 600-square feet at home, you might consider adding another bedroom and bathroom. Can you? Does the city in which you live allow you to add on to your house based on its current location and property line laws in the area? If not, why not buy a new home that can be remodeled? You can add bedrooms, bathrooms, update older kitchens, change out flooring, and make it what you want while you’re still pregnant. Companies such as Leading Edge Real Estate can answer questions like this for you, so you can understand what is available to you in your price point or what you can do to make changes to your existing home.


Your new family deserves a home in which happy memories are made. Buy, build, or remodel, you have choices to make. Only you can choose what’s right for your family, but no choice is a bad choice if it means making room for your new baby, your growing family, and unforgettable memories.

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