It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve hopped onto a few direct marketing company bandwagons and nearly as quickly hopped right back off. I’ve tried beauty products, clothing, plastic containers and more. I like a lot of the things I’ve tried but I couldn’t always justify paying the higher premiums even when I really did enjoy the products. So, when my long time friend Sarah asked if she could send me some Norwex products to review I sighed, debated and honestly not really wanting to hurt her feelings I agreed.
Guys, I’m not kidding when I say I was blown away. As is happens, my Norwex Review has turned me into an environmentally conscious fanatic ready to clean every single flat surface in my home. I mean, they have great laundry detergent, too. But, nothing can get me excited about the endless lugging, sorting, washing, drying, sorting, folding, hanging cycle of laundry in my home of seven clothed humans. Nothing, not even Norwex. 
That said, my mirrors are so clean and clear I have to brace myself for my reflection when I peer in while I brush my teeth. My microwave is gleaming from the inside out, my glass-top stove is shiny and looks almost new again and I’m not longer worried about heating up any chemical residue from kitchen cleaners. I cleaned this stuff with my Norwex Envirocloth and Norwex Window cloth and a little water. That’s it. No cleaning products at all!
With the Norwex Microfiber System, you will not breathe, touch, or ingest chemicals—you simply create a cleaner healthier indoor environment. Norwex microfiber
  • Removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following proper use and care
  • Contains BacLock® an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only
  • Helps eliminate the need for paper towels and chemical laden cleaners
  • Significantly reduces the use of costly cleaning products
  • Ultra-thick and absorbent to pick-up and hold more dust, dirt and debris than other cleaning cloths
  • Holds several times its weight in water
  • Made of more than 10 million feet of microfiber for more effective cleaning power

I asked Sarah to tell me what Norwex means to her. 

I didn’t go out searching for a safer, cost effective, chemical free or healthier cleaning experience it kind of just found me…

In August 2016 a friend of mine invited me to an online Norwex Facebook party. I’m not one to ever buy something unless I can try it first so I just perused the catalog and rolled my eyes at the prices. I mean come on $20 after tax and shipping for a towel? I didn’t quite get the concept. CLEAN WITH JUST WATER? Yea right! But I still participated and ended up winning a free Makeup Remover Cloth. The consultant mailed it out to me and it was here within the week. Then it sat on my counter because I was SO skeptical that it never crossed my mind to try it out.

That same week my friend became a consultant and gifted me a Window cloth. When I got home I said heck what’s to lose!? I wet it down and washed the dirtiest window I could possibly find in my house. I was ASTONISHED! With just water this cloth removed all the dirt and grime and left it crystal clear and streak free. Went to the next window… same results! Makeup Remover cloth was next. No way was it really going to remove all my makeup, especially my waterproof mascara with just water. Guess what.. it did!

So I booked a Facebook party with her. Invited my friends and family, ended up earning almost $200 in Norwex products for free! Then she told me about how becoming a consultant was free with n0 commitment or quota to meet in September so I paid the $10 shipping and ordered my kit.

I love this new opportunity to help support my family. Being a mother of 3 and childcare provider in my home it was the best decision I have made in a long time!
The way I clean has taken a complete 360. And knowing my home is now chemical free and a safe haven is the cherry on top.norwex window cloth

Norwex isn’t just about cleaning all of your home’s surfaces, they also have bath and body care items and a whole line just for kids. Browse Sarah’s store using the links below:


Sarah then shared some videos with me that I thought would be perfect for this Norwex review. Check them out below!

The enviro is great even for quick wipe ups when prepping food. Just go wash your table with it you will feel a difference and see all the grime on the cloth.