Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity to see and experience what it is like living in a new place while receiving your education, especially if you are going to be going with the help of an athletic scholarship like those that you can get through You will do plenty of learning both inside and outside of the classroom while meeting interesting people, accessing valuable lessons that you would not get at home, and indulging in a culture that is unlike the one that you are used to at home.

But how can you fully prepare for studying abroad so you can be sure you’ll be able to take it all in? Keep reading for a few helpful tips.

Get Your Passport and Your Visa

First off, you will need to have a valid passport in order to travel outside of the country, so be certain that you apply for your passport well in advance so that you can receive it on time before you have to leave.

In addition to having your passport and ensuring that it is valid and not expired, you should also be certain that the passport will not expire within six months of when you are planning on returning home. Also be sure that there are blank pages in the passport, particularly if you have done a lot of traveling in the past.

In addition to a passport, you will also need to apply for a visa in the country that you will be living in while you are studying abroad for longer than three months. Look up the visa requirements for the country that you will be moving to, and contact the nearest Unites States embassy or consulate as well in order to register with them.

Get Any Immunizations You May Need

Depending upon where you will be studying abroad, you may need to get some immunizations to protect your health while you are away from home. Have a physical exam at your doctor’s office and ask him or her about what vaccinations, if any, you will need. Be sure to get them prior to departing so you can be fully protected.

Enroll in the Right Insurance Plan

It is also a good idea to have the right health insurance and accident insurance plans in place prior to leaving for studying abroad. You should get the right coverage for emergency evacuations and repatriation, just in case.

Check if your health insurance plan covers you while you are abroad. Then invest in travel insurance that will cover you in the event that your luggage is lost, your personal belongings are stolen, there is an evacuation because of a natural disaster or health emergency, your flight is canceled or delayed, and more.


As you move through the to-do list above, you’ll find that you’re increasingly prepared to start your new chapter studying abroad. Take in every moment of your experience in another country, as it will definitely help you grow and achieve your aspirations while preparing you to live life on your own.

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