Choosing gifts for women is tough. Some say men are harder to buy for, others disagree, but whether it is your daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt or friend, when it comes to choosing a special gift a lot of us draw a blank. However, there are a few classic gift ideas that you can always fall back on, and as long as you match her taste, are suitable for everyone from teenage daughters or nieces through to grandparents. Here, we look at three classics you just can’t go wrong with when you need a gift idea for one of the special women in your life:


Jewelry is a gift that almost every woman appreciates, and even women who don’t wear it very often tend to have a few pieces for special occasions or which they treasure for sentimental reasons. Jewelry is great because it is very long lasting, so as a gift it can really make for something she can keep and wear again and again. Another great thing about it is that you can find jewelry to suit just about any budget, from cool costume jewelry that costs just a few dollars and is a good gift for teens or friends, through to high end pieces like the jewelry from Ascot Diamonds which would be a suitable gift for a wife or for someone close to you on a special occasion like a milestone birthday, wedding or graduation. There are so many ways you can make sure it shows that you put thought into a jewelry gift, too, like choosing something that incorporates her birthstone or resembles something she is passionate about.


Perfume is another classic gift that most women love. While it doesn’t have the permanence of jewelry, it is something that is seen as very much a luxury and which a lot of women won’t buy for themselves even if they like to wear it because it seems like spoiling themselves. If you know a fragrance the person you are buying for loves, or that they love a specific brand, it can be easy to buy, but there is also always the option to go for the latest fashion fragrances for younger women or classics by brands like Chanel for more mature people.


If you don’t have a lot to spend but want to get something nice, toiletries are a good option. They can also work well if you are buying for someone you don’t know all that well like a coworker or the partner of a friend. They’re something everyone uses but most of us tend to buy cheap drug store brands when buying for ourselves, so something more luxurious is always nice to receive.

These are three classic options that appeal as gifts to just about every woman, so if you are stuck thinking about what to buy someone, they can often be good to consider.