Finding ways to save money can give anyone a headache. And when you’re trying to budget for the entire family, things can get downright impossible. However, there are many opportunities for saving money on basic things you need. From groceries and healthcare to outings for the whole family, there are deals for almost anything. Don’t let school fees, doctor checkups and the everyday expenses of feeding a few more mouths get to you. Here are some awesome budgeting tips you can use to help out.

Safeway Savings
Ever heard of extreme couponing? Well you don’t have to be extreme to get great deals on food for your family. Safeway has an online platform, “Just for U” that allows you to clip coupons and browse club specials, adding them to your club card virtually. All you have to do at the register is type the phone number associated with your card and bam! You’ve got money in your pocket.

Savings with Sick Kids
Healthcare is expensive, even with insurance. To save money, go to drug store clinics when the kids get sick and need prescriptions. Doctors there can diagnose and prescribe medications for you at a fraction of the price of doctor’s offices. Such clinics include CVS’s, Minute Clinics, and Healthcare Clinics in Walgreens. They also have great deals on vaccinations and sport physicals during certain times of the year. If your kids need dental care, there are other options for saving money as well. Most of the time if you’re willing to pay with cash, the dentist will give you a discount. If that’s not an option, you could always look into local dental schools. Even just talking to your dentist in Colorado Springs or a Colorado Springs dentistry institute about financing options can reveal a lot more savings than you might think.

First Fridays
First Fridays are an amazing opportunity to bask in the culture of your community while scoring great deals. During the first Friday of every month, local businesses usually give discounts and restaurants will also offer special happy hours. See if there are other community events specific to your area that could be a way for your family to save.

Go Local for Free
When money is tight and the kids are getting antsy for something to do, check local events. Many communities host a free concert series where local bands will perform for families. Many museums will also open their doors for free on some days at specific times. If you’re still at a loss, go for a hike! Hiking promotes healthy habits and is completely free. Select National Parks also promote free entrance on certain days. Building traditions at free events keep children social, your budget intact, and the family happy. Make it a habit to go to summer concerts, First Fridays, and hike when you can. Being healthy and happy doesn’t need to be expensive.


With all the expenses that come with paying for a family these days, finding ways to save is imperative. Make the choice now to look for savings and discounts and go free whenever possible!