What if I told you that you could not only have waffles again, but that you could make them in about two minutes with just two ingredients and they’d be virtually carb free? I know what you’re thinking – get this crazy woman some carbohydrates – she’s lost her mind! No, no, no! I know it sounds crazy but please don’t knock it until you try it. Yep, low carb waffles that even my carbivore family loves!

Nothing but eggs and mayo! #lowcarb waffles!

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I first stumbled across this delicious magical recipe for low carb waffles about 47 weeks ago, or so says my Instagram. I’ve been making these at least once a week ever since and this morning while I was enjoying every last bite I realized that I haven’t posted a low carb recipe in a while, and that I’ve been holding out on all of you by not sharing this simply amazing, easy low carb breakfast idea. Okay, not just breakfast – for me this is an anytime meal!


These. Waffles. Though. #sogood #lowcarb #2ingredients

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Did you just read that crazy caption? Nothing but eggs and mayo … mmhmm, these two ingredient waffles are literally whipped up eggs and mayonnaise. I know how that sounds, I really do. But, you’ve got to trust me on this one! Here’s the recipe –

Low Carb Waffles

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbs Mayonnaise

Whisk the ingredients together until smooth. Let rest for about three minutes while your waffle iron heats up or until you start to see it get a little bit bubbly. I like to spray my waffle iron with Coconut Oil but you can use butter or nothing at all if you’ve got a good nonstick waffle iron. When your waffle iron says they are done, they probably are! Smother in butter and your favorite sugar free syrup and enjoy.

I have the best waffle maker – it makes six waffles at a time. I usually use 3 eggs and 3 tbs of mayo to make the full six waffles and have some to save for later!

Want to take it to the next level? You can just eat these low carb waffles as well, waffles. Or, use them to make a breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg and cheese! And, speaking of cheese, why not take two of these waffles, put some cheese between them and fry in butter cause, you know – grilled freaking cheese! Yummo! Oh, and ps – waffles, berries, a little freshly whipped cream. Now you’ve got an easy low carb dessert on your hands!

These waffles wont get as crispy as regular waffles and I don’t love them reheated as waffles but if you use them for a sandwich later on they taste perfectly fine heated in a skillet. I’ve tried toasting them and while it works, you do lose a little something in that process – luckily, these are so quick and easy to whip up you don’t really need to worry a whole lot about making them ahead just to save time. They do have a slightly eggier flavor than your average regular carb laden waffle but I enjoy it – it’s almost a cross between waffles and french toast and for me, that’s a sure win! Give these low carb waffles a try and let me know how you make out!

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20 thoughts on “Two Minute Two Ingredient Low Carb Waffles #lchf

  1. How many waffles does one batch make? These look really great, but I want to plan for multiple eaters before I get going! Probably 1 or (hopefully) 2?

    1. Hi Betsy! My waffle iron makes six waffles so I mix up 3 eggs and 3 tbs mayo and that seems to work perfectly! Just had these for breakfast yesterday!

  2. I made these today. FYI I hate mayonnaise but I decided to try it anyway. They turned out perfect! You can’t taste the vinegar in the mayo at all! I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for the recipe. It tastes so much better than that cloud bread recipe from Atkins. Thanks for posting the recipe. I have a belgian waffle maker. The 3 eggs to 3 tbsp mayo recipe makes 2 perfect waffles.

    1. Thanks for giving it a try, Sue! I never would have thought the combination would work until giving it a try – this is still my absolute favorite breakfast and I agree – I like this much better than cloud bread!

          1. So for your whole recipe is only 1 to 1.5 carbs……maybe I can use these waffles as a bread replacement I’m on the keto diet

  3. I make these with egg whites and mayo. They don’t seem to have that “eggy” taste. Great as a bread substitute

  4. I found this recipe in my Low Carb group. I was hesistate at first but I’m so glad I tried it!! I used 3 eggs, 2 Tbs Mayo, 1Tbs of HWC(it made them a little fluffier), a few blueberries, 1 tsp of vanilla extract & cinnamon. Amazing!! I fixed me 2 pancakes and topped with Ihop Sugar Free Syrup and whipping cream. They tasted like Crepes. Amazing!!

    1. Ummmm I need to try this variation asap! Thank you so much for sharing! The blueberries and HWC will tick up the carb count a tiny bit but not enough to worry at all! Yum!

  5. OMG. I didn’t believe it so I had to make it real quick. Woohoo I’m happy here. Thanks for the recipe.!

  6. Omg I make these for a few years now, I also make crepes too as a fancy dessert, I roll them up with ricotta and drizzle sugar free chocolate , berries and some whipped cream they look 5star and taste amazing!! They also are huge so definitely make your cakes small when frying

      1. I know me too! Watching sodium, going to try a tofu filling this week, I’m thinking Splenda and cinnamon cardamom I’m going to let the tofu soak in the flavors for overnight then whip up in food processor then roll them up as crepes! Little vanilla bean too and cream on top! These are SO awesome!! I’m Thinking mabe cherries and ricotta filling! OMG! How bout Mexican !! Rolled up in avacado, tomatoe cheese etc!!!! There’s so many!! I’m whipping up a batch tonight , they toast pretty good in oven, thinking BLT lunch tomorrow!! OMG keep posting ideas and I as well!

        1. You’re making me so hungry! Although, I’m not as brave as you – I haven’t ventured into trying tofu quite yet. But, cherries and ricotta are a natural pair – and the Mexican idea sounds fantastic! I was thinking about trying to make these with some sugar-free chocolate chips. I also like putting peanut butter on them before adding sugar-free maple syrup.

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