Taking a road trip whether cross country or just a few hours down the road is always a fun time. Not only is it more cost effective than flying, but you might be able to see the changing scenery from state to state and visit some little-known landmarks. Of course, not every road trip is a dream journey. You’ll need to be prepared so your ride doesn’t turn into an annoying mess. Here are some ideas of what to pack to stay prepared.

Snack Packs
In the car, you will want to pack a variety of snacks. Keep snacks on hand that will boost your energy and last you throughout the whole trip. Things like apples, crackers, granola, and nuts will keep you satisfied between stops and won’t require an ice chest.

Bottled Water
Stay hydrated on your drive. Road trips, especially in the summer, can get hot and uncomfortable quickly. Use some bottles you can refill as you go along, and be sure to keep a cup of ice ready to help your driver stay awake. Have kid’s bottles up with you and only pass them back when they need a drink. Otherwise, you’ll be needing a restroom every other hour.

An up-to-date map, GPS system, and/or navigation holder for your dashboard are great additions for your journey. The last thing you want is to be holding onto a phone, trying to find your way on a dark highway. Garmin and Nova are top brands and can help keep your trip on schedule.

If you are doing a longer trip, bring your own sources of entertainment. If you are going remote, finding yourself without good radio connection which can be a huge drag. Pack a USB jack for your phone, IPOD, IPAD, really anything that has something you want to listen to. An audio book is another good way to pass the time as an entire family.

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but wear comfortable and loose clothing while you are driving. This will allow for better circulation and can help regulate your temperature better. You can always change once you reach your destination so make sure you plan for long stretches of sitting in what you plan to wear.

General Packing
Of course, make sure your phone charger is readily available in case of any emergency. Bring your AAA card, or anything else that might benefit you in case of a flat tire, motor vehicle accident, or any other emergency. For example, if you have been in a fender bender in Orlando, make sure you have a local attorney’s number on hand.

It is important not to rush when packing for a road trip because you will make mistakes. Make frequent stops for stretching and enjoy the scenic routes you take. Whether it is a few hours or a week-long road trip, your road trip should be well-stocked and prepared for anything!